Where to Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Kansas

The practice of taking low amounts of Delta 9 THC for health benefits is growing strong across the US. If you want a safe, reliable, and delicious way of consuming THC, microdosing edibles are just the thing.


Edibles with hemp-derived Delta 9 are legal in the majority of US states—but not in Kansas.


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Due to strict state limitations on hemp and hemp-derived products, you cannot purchase our heavenly Delta 9 gummies in Kansas. But there are other ways you can get your greedy little paws on them! Keep reading to find out more.


What are Delta 9 Gummies?

Our Delta 9 edibles are made by extracting Delta 9 THC from the hemp plant and infusing it into chewy gummies. They contain only natural ingredients and hemp sourced from small farms in America. All our Delta 9 gummies are tested in third-party labs to ensure our customers get the best hemp product on the market.

You can find all information about Delta 9 THC in our extensive guide.

Delta 9 is often paired with cannabidiol to achieve the best microdosing results. Read all about the differences in effects between THC and CBD.

How Much THC is in Delta 9 Gummies?

At low doses, Delta 9 has many health benefits and can help treat a plethora of mental and physical conditions. 2–10 mg of Delta 9 produces the best results, and that’s exactly why the amount of THC in our Delta 9 edibles does not exceed 10 mg. Five milligrams of THC is considered a low dose, while anything below 2 mg is a microdose. The amount of Delta 9 in our products is specified on each product’s label.

Thanks to a unique relaxation-promoting blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, our Relax Plus gummies are able to bring you head-to-toe relaxation and sweet pain relief. Only 5 mg of Delta 9 will ensure a light buzz.

Are Delta 9 Gummies Legal in Kansas?

Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC is federally legal in the US. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is no longer a controlled substance, so products containing hemp are legal under federal law.

Delta 9 products are legal at the federal level if:

  1. the THC concentration in products does not exceed 0.3% of THC by dry weight

  2. the Delta 9 THC is derived from the hemp plant, not marijuana (read more about the legal distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana)


Many states have followed in Farm Bill’s footsteps and legalized hemp and all its byproducts—including Delta 9 and CBD—making our amazing THC edibles legal in 48 US states. Cannabis products containing hemp-derived Delta 9 remain illegal in Idaho and Kansas.

Read our comprehensive guide to THC to understand its effects, benefits, and similarities with Delta 9 THC.


Is Delta 9 Legal in Kansas?

Despite federal legality, Kansas bans all cannabis edibles, even those derived from hemp. Find out all the scoop on Delta 9 legality issues in Kansas right here.

In 2018, Senate Bill 282 amended the definition of marijuana to exclude cannabidiol (CBD). This legalized CBD products derived from hemp across the state as long as they contain 0% of Delta 9 THC. Residents of the Sunflower State can buy a limited spectrum of CBD products sold in the state as oils, pills, powders, or topicals with no Delta 9 content.

This might be a perfect time to shop our CBN gummies. They combine the benefits of premium CBD and cannabinol (CBN) with no traces of THC.

Cannabinol (CBN) is a powerful cannabis compound that helps relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and help you sleep. Due to their similarities in health benefits, cannabinol and cannabidiol are often paired together. This in-depth comparison between CBD and CBN will answer all your questions about their effects and therapeutic benefits.

As the legality of Delta 9 differs from state to state, it might be a good idea to check whether your state is Delta 9-friendly.


Where Can I Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Kansas?

We’re sorry to say that our Delta 9 edibles are illegal to buy in Kansas. We are not able to ship our edibles containing hemp-derived Delta 9 to your state.

If you have a friend who lives in Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, or Iowa, you can have them order our incredible Delta 9 edibles! We’ll ship them to neighboring states, completely free of charge.

All our CBD products are tested in third-party labs, and lab results are available on our website. We carry 100% organic, vegan edibles flavored with real fruit and infused with the finest American-grown hemp.

You know what they say: sharing is caring. So, pay your out-of-state friends a visit and share the best gummies in the world with them. Shop our products here.

What is Delta 9 THC?

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as Delta 9 THC) is one of the best-researched cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Many users microdose Delta 9 to treat a variety of medical conditions, including relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Delta 9 THC gummies allow you to incorporate small amounts of cannabis into your everyday life while remaining productive and functional. Here’s how microdosing Delta 9 can improve your health:

  1. Microdosing cannabis might alleviate migraine pain and treat other types of pain—cancer pain, neuropathic, sciatic, and arthritic.

  2. Due to potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, low doses of Delta 9 are effective in lowering inflammation.

  3. More recent research suggests that Delta 9 and CBD have anti-cancer abilities—they can treat nausea and pain from chemo, block metastasis, and induce apoptosis (cancer cell death). Small amounts of Delta 9 THC can treat prostate cancer, breast cancer, and other types of cancer.

  4. At low doses, cannabis can be beneficial for our brain. Dementia patients report positive results after microdosing Delta 9. Delta 9’s neuroprotective properties also help reverse brain aging and promote neurogenesis.

  5. Speaking of the brain, Delta 9 can aid ADHD patients, too, by increasing levels of dopamine and sharpening focus.

  6. Many people microdose Delta 9 to reduce anxiety and treat symptoms of anxiety disorders.

  7. Low THC is great for reducing depression, while higher doses of THC may worsen the condition.

  8. Microdosing Delta 9 can treat irritable bowel syndrome by reducing pain and feelings of nausea.

  9. Delta 9 is a natural sleep-aid and can treat sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and many more.


Delta 9 in the Entourage Effect

On its own, Delta 9 THC is a powerful cannabis compound. However, cannabis products typically contain more than one cannabinoid, so Delta-9 is often paired with CBD and other minor compounds to produce the entourage effect.

The entourage effect describes a cannabis synergy in which the benefits of cannabinoids are enhanced by each other’s presence. This means that the beneficial effects of cannabidiol become more pronounced when you take THC and CBD together, and vice versa. CBD seems to soften the psychoactive effects of THC.

Since all our Delta 9 THC-containing edibles aren’t legal in Kansas, let’s talk about broad spectrum gummies. Our Anytime broad spectrum CBD edibles contain only the purest hemp-derived cannabidiol.

Cannabis experts claim that full spectrum hemp extract, in fact, provides users with the greatest therapeutic benefits when CBD and Delta 9 are combined. Take a look at our guide to the differences between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD, and decide for yourself.


Delta 9 Gummies FAQ

What states are Delta 9 gummies legal in?

Some forms of Delta 9 THC are legal on a federal level in the US. However, there are states that still prohibit the use of any products containing Delta 9. Kansas and Kansas deem all Delta-9 products illegal.


Since they are illegal for purchase in Kansas, click on the states below to learn where you can buy Delta 9 edibles.


How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects?

Gummies provide a slower, longer-lasting cannabis experience. They enter the bloodstream via the digestive tract, so the effects take some time to kick in. You will feel the effects of Delta 9 gummies after 30 minutes, but typically within an hour or two.

Depending on the dosage and other factors (like your metabolism and genetics), the effects can often last as long as 8 hours.


Is Delta 8 THC legal in Kansas?

Yes, Delta 8 THC products are allowed in Kansas under state law, according to Kansas Senate Bill 263. This bill makes it legal to consume, possess, sell, distribute, buy, and produce hemp and hemp-derived Delta-8 without penalty or punishment.

Delta-8 products are permitted to be sold in Kansas if they are derived from federally compliant hemp plants that contain no more than 0.3% THC.

Delta 8 products are available in Kansas both online and in physical stores. Buy our Kansas-legal Delta 8 gummies today!


Does Delta-9 get you stoned?

Delta 9 THC is what gives cannabis its ability to get users high. Delta 9 gummies will definitely make you high, as will any other product containing Delta 9 THC.

The effects of Delta 9 THC can vary depending on the person, with factors such as genetics, tolerance levels, and other variables playing a role. However, generally speaking, Delta 9 THC is known for causing relaxation, euphoria, and increased appetite.

If you're new to Delta 9 gummies, it's important to start with a low dose and see how you react before consuming more. You can find more about how to get started in our article about the different ways to microdose weed.


Can I fly with Delta 9 gummies?

Yes, you can fly to and from all US states with hemp-derived Delta 9 gummies that contain less than 0.3% of THC, except for Idaho and Kansas. If you are traveling abroad, the legal status of hemp products in the country you’re traveling to will dictate whether you can fly with Delta 9. Remember, hemp is a controlled substance in many countries, and even fully illegal in some.


How many times can I microdose in a day?

You can microdose as often as you’d like, but it’s generally recommended to allow several hours between doses. This allows the effects of the substance to peak and then dissipate before you take another dose.

When microdosing, some people prefer to space out their doses throughout the day so that they can enjoy the benefits of enhanced creativity and productivity without feeling overwhelmed.

Others find that taking a dose first thing in the morning helps them feel more focused throughout the day. You should experiment until you find a schedule that works best for you.


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