Where to Buy Delta 9 Gummies in North Carolina

In recent years, more and more people have started taking small amounts of Delta 9 THC for sleep, to treat depression and anxiety, and improve their overall health. Edibles have become the most reliable and safest method of microdosing THC.

Do you know where to find legal THC gummies in the state of North Carolina?


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No matter where you are—from the Atlantic coast to the Appalachians, all the way to south Carolina—we'll show you where to buy the most refreshing Delta 9 edibles.


What are Delta 9 Gummies?

Our Delta 9 gummies are chewy candies made by extracting Delta 9 THC from the hemp plant. Delta 9 THC is probably the best-known cannabis compound, famous for its ability to produce a high. But not in our edibles!

Due to low (and, sometimes, ultra-low) Delta 9 doses, our THC edibles won’t make you feel high, but they will deliver all the benefits of microdosing in a delicious package.

All our Delta 9 products are heavily tested in third-party labs for purity and safety. You won’t find any chemicals or garbage. We use organic ingredients and source our hemp from small farms in America.


Effects and Benefits of Delta 9 THC

Delta 9’s effects differ from one person to the next, depending on dosage, the person’s metabolism, the strain of cannabis, and how experienced a person’s system is with Delta 9.

At higher doses, Delta 9 can cause unwanted effects for some users. These range from anxiety to nausea to loss of motor coordination. At lower doses, under 10 mg, most consumers will not experience these undesirable effects. Instead, microdosing induces feelings of calm, relaxation, and mild euphoria.

Delta 9 microdosing can help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), improve glaucoma symptoms and lower eye pressure, relieve chronic migraines and pain, and slow the progression of Alzheimer's and dementia. And that’s only a portion of what it can do for your health.

Whether you’re seeking medicinal or recreational benefits of Delta 9, our Bliss Delta 9 gummies are always a good choice. These honeydew melon edibles contain only 5 mg of THC and CBD, making them perfect for alleviating pain and nausea, increasing focus, and unwinding.

Read our guide on cannabidiol to learn more about its potent calming and pain-relieving properties.

Because of the complementary differences between Delta 9 THC and CBD, cannabis products often contain multiple cannabinoids, such as Delta 9 paired with CBD. The combination of THC and CBD seems to have higher medicinal advantages than consuming them independently.


The Entourage Effect

The synergic interaction of cannabinoids is called the entourage effect. The entourage effect is a phenomenon that occurs when several compounds in the cannabis plant interact together to generate a stronger and more diverse medicinal impact. Substances like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are thought to interact and modify each other’s actions, resulting in a more effective therapeutic response.

Research suggests that the entourage effect is a real synergistic interaction between cannabinoids and other molecules that boost medicinal effects. By modulating cannabinoid receptor activation and suppressing enzymes that break down cannabinoids, the entourage effect produces more beneficial results for the user.

In order to experience the full benefits of the entourage effect, get our full spectrum CBD gummies. They contain Delta 9, CBD, CBG, CBN, and other cannabis compounds that have significant therapeutic potential.

You can find more information in our in-depth guide to full-spectrum CBD.

Curious to hear more about cannabinol (CBN)? Read more about CBN in our extensive guide.


How Much THC is in Delta 9 Gummies?

Low-dose Delta 9 has many health benefits and can help treat a plethora of mental and physical conditions. 2–10 mg of Delta 9 gives the best results, which is why the THC concentration in our Delta 9 gummies ranges from 2 to 10 milligrams.

The amount of Delta 9 in our gummies is specified on each product’s label, so read up before deciding what to buy.


How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects?

The effects of Delta 9 gummies kick in anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes after consumption. Depending on the THC concentration in the edible, your weight, or your metabolism, the effects of edibles can last as long as eight hours.

That’s why microdosing edibles is the most reliable and safest method of delivering small amounts of Delta 9 each time.

Thanks to a unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, our Relax Plus gummies are able to achieve results in only 15 minutes. 25 mg of CBD will relax you from head to toe, while only 5 mg of Delta 9 will ensure a sweet buzz.

Are Delta 9 Gummies Legal in North Carolina?

Delta 9 is federally legal across the US. Until 2018, cannabis was a controlled substance in the US under federal law. When the Farm Bill was signed into law, hemp and marijuana were legally separated, granting hemp and all hemp derivatives legality if:

  1. the THC concentration in products cannot exceed 0.3% of THC by dry weight

  2. the Delta 9 THC must be derived from the hemp plant, not marijuana

Even though hemp is federally legal, each state can determine which hemp products are legal in that state. For example, Delta 8 gummies are legal on a federal level but illegal in a number of states.

For a complete look at the issue, see our comprehensive guide to Delta 9 legality in each state.

(Interested to learn more about Delta 9’s younger sibling? Check out this awesome introduction to Delta 8 THC.)


Legality of Delta 9 in NC

In 2019, North Carolina legalized Delta 9 derived from hemp. The state followed in the Farm Bill’s footsteps with Senate Bill 315, which legalized the growth, production, and transportation of certain hemp-derived THC and CBD products.

Senate Bill 315 modified the already established North Carolina Hemp Commission to become a regulatory body. It required retailers to get a license before selling products containing CBD, including CBD oils, lotions, and edibles.

That means our gummies with Delta 9 are completely legal to purchase across the US and in the Old North State! Order online, and we’ll deliver them anywhere in North Carolina free of charge.

Where Can I Buy Delta 9 Gummies in North Carolina?

You can purchase hemp products, including Delta 9 gummies, in local dispensaries across the state. Make sure you buy from a reputable source with quality ingredients and third-party lab testing.


Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Raleigh

You might find Delta 9 gummies at some of the local CBD shops in Raleigh. Before even thinking of buying their products, always ask for third-party lab results. Or, to save yourself the trouble, order yours online. You will receive world-class edibles delivered directly to you anywhere in and around Raleigh.


Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Charlotte

If you live in or near Charlotte, you can try shopping locally. Our Delta 9 edibles are tested in third-party labs and have certified lab reports to prove it. Plus, we deliver right to your door. Can your local shops beat that? Order today.


Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Wilmington

There are a few local dispensaries in Wilmington you could try, but who even knows whether they sell safe and reliable Delta 9 gummies. Are they natural? Do they use chemicals or artificial colors? Beats us.

Shipping with us is free (and always will be), so why not order the best hemp products out there?


Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Greensboro

There are a handful of local cannabis stores in the town of Greensboro you could try, but who even knows if they carry safe and reliable hemp products. Many cannabis brands use a bunch of chemicals and artificial colorings to make their products more affordable.

If you live in or near Greensboro, you’re in luck! Our superb Delta 9 gummies can be delivered anywhere in the state of North Carolina. Order now and we’ll ship them right to your door. How’s that for convenient?


Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Elizabeth City

There are a handful of cannabis shops in Elizabeth City that might carry Delta 9 products. If you want the best Delta 9 gummies in the world, there’s no better way to get them than to purchase from us.

Enjoy the latest addition to our microdosing family! Hemp Euphoria gummies contain 10 mg of pure Delta 9 and taste like pink lemonade heaven. They are a great way to relieve headaches, reduce stress, and have the ultimate canna-bliss experience.

Benefits of Microdosing Delta 9

Delta 9 THC gummies allow you to incorporate small amounts of cannabis into your everyday life while remaining productive and functional. Here’s a glimpse of how microdosing Delta 9 can improve your health:

People who struggle with sleep deprivation typically order our amazing Sleep Plus gummies. Lacking sleep can lead to many physical and mental ailments. With low doses of Delta 9 (only 2 mg per gummy) in combination with the mighty relaxation-enhancer CBD, there’ll be no tossing and turning for you.


Delta 9 Gummies FAQ

Does THC Increase Dopamine?

A recent study suggests that Delta 9 THC enhances the dopamine-release process in our brain, thus increasing the levels of the happy hormone. When dopamine is increased, you might feel the euphoric, psychoactive properties of THC that we usually call a "high."


Different studies explore the way CBD influences dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is also linked to memory and awareness, but more importantly, to focus. When dopamine is lacking, our attention suffers. That’s why microdosing edibles helps people with ADHD.


Does CBD affect fertility?

Some research has shown that using cannabis products with high THC concentrations might not be good for people trying to get pregnant. Excessive use of THC may lead to reduced sperm count in healthy men, according to a more recent study. However, there is not enough research on the impact of low-dose THC or other cannabinoids on human fertility levels.


Does CBD calm anxiety immediately?

It depends on how you take it. If you are inhaling CBD, the effects can kick in as quickly as 5 minutes after smoking. With edibles like our CBD sleep gummies, you can expect to wait anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours before feeling results.


How long do full spectrum CBD gummies stay in your system?

A single full spectrum CBD gummy will stay in your system for about 80 hours. If you take CBD gummies regularly, this compound will accumulate in your body and stay in your system for longer once you stop taking it.


Still, no matter how often you take full spectrum products, the compound should clear from your system completely in about a month.

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