We're just like you.

We stress, we worry, we have aches and pains, constant pressure, and we just want to relax.

So in 2021, our founder-Chris started nama, an edible hemp infused confections company with a simple mission, to bring a high quality product to you. So we teamed up with some of the brightest individuals, searched for the highest quality hemp, the most effective ingredients and created some irresistible products.

But we didn't stop there.

Now the work really begins.

We are dedicated to educating and bringing transparency to an industry that is too often misunderstood. We are also committed to helping you, one customer and one delicious flavor at a time.

Now say hello nama.

Today, nama delivers American farmed, premium hemp infused products and does it in a way that tastes … well … f*%$ing great (sorry, Mom). Yes, we went there, but how else do you describe effective plant-based products fully infused and so delicious you begin wondering why everything can't taste this good.

Solidifying the roots.

We believe that in an industry growing so fast the origins of hemp may be getting lost. So one story at a time, we hope to solidify its roots.

The powers of nature.

Hemp utilizes the powers of nature as a health friendly natural product. We believe that the focus should never stray away from the quality of the product and should always be designed with the consumer experience in mind. We are proud to bring you the utmost quality from seed to you, while providing excellent value and efficacy to our customers.

We hope you'll join us on this journey and embrace life . . . the nama way.

Our Team

Questions? Send us an email (or a dog treat)!

Christopher Whelan

Founder, CEO


Dog, Boss