Where to Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Oklahoma

Edibles containing Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC) are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. They provide a precise and controlled dose of Delta 9 and seem to improve the overall health of the user.


Where can you buy THC edibles in the state of Oklahoma?


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Whether you live in the Great Salt Plains, around the Wichita Mountains, or anywhere else in Oklahoma, here are the best places to buy our Delta 9 THC gummies across the state.

Before we continue, check out our extensive guide to Delta 9 THC and all the benefits of this mighty molecule.

What are Delta 9 Gummies?

Our Delta 9 gummies are made by extracting Delta 9 THC from the hemp plant and infusing it into soft, chewy candies. We use all-natural, organic ingredients and source our hemp from small farms in America. We carry only third-party lab tested Delta 9 products.

Typical cannabis products contain more than one cannabinoid, so Delta 9 is often paired with cannabidiol (CBD), another major cannabis compound. The combination of Delta 9 THC and CBD seems to have the best results in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, boosting focus, and promoting brain health.

Want to understand how cannabidiol helps your anxiety? Read up on our detailed guide to CBD.

Also make sure to check out this guide on the differences between THC and CBD.


How Much THC is in Delta 9 Gummies?

Low-dose Delta 9 has many benefits that can improve your overall health. Microdosing users experience the best results after consuming 2–10 mg of Delta 9. That’s exactly why all our THC edibles contain between 2 and 10 milligrams of hemp-derived Delta 9. Anything below 10 mg is a low-dose product, while micro doses contain 2 milligrams and less.

The amount of Delta 9 in our gummies is specified on each product’s label, so read up before purchasing.

Our Relax Plus gummies, infused with blood orange, contain 5 mg of Delta 9 per serving. These delicious edibles are a great choice if you want to relieve stress and anxiety, and reduce inflammation.

Did you know Delta 9 has anti-inflammatory properties? Research shows that THC microdoses can reduce inflammation in the body and relieve chronic pain. Shop our Euphoria gummies with equal THC to CBD ratios and experience the sweet relief. Exquisite flavors and satisfaction guaranteed.


How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects?

Gummies provide a slower yet longer-lasting cannabis experience. Depending on the dosage and other factors (like your metabolism and genetics), the effects of Delta 9 gummies can last as long as 8 hours. Edibles do take longer to hit the bloodstream, so you’ll be able to feel the effects between 30 minutes and two hours after consumption.

Are Delta 9 Gummies Legal in Oklahoma?

Certain Delta 9 products are legal in the state of Oklahoma. These include hemp products and all hemp derivatives (e.g., CBD oils, compliant THC gummies) that are federally legal in the US.

How is Delta 9 legal at a federal level, you might ask. Here are the details.


The Farm Bill Legality

In 2018, the Farm Bill authorized the widespread production and commercialization of hemp derivatives on the federal level. It removed hemp from the list of Controlled Substances and legalized Delta 9 products if they meet the following conditions:

  1. the THC concentration in products cannot exceed 0.3% of THC by dry weight

  2. the Delta 9 THC must be derived from the hemp plant, not marijuana

It’s also worth mentioning that the Farm Bill also differentiated industrial hemp from marijuana, which is cultivated for a higher THC content.

However, while hemp is federally legal, each US state determines the legality of hemp-derived products in that state. Similarly, you can buy Delta 8 gummies legally on the federal level, but Delta 8 THC remains illegal in a number of states.

(As of 2023, fourteen US states ban Delta 8 THC outright. You can find more information on this issue in our Delta 8 legality guide.)

To avoid any confusion about the legal status of Delta 9 THC in your state, see our detailed state-by-state guide to the legality of Delta 9.


Delta 9 Legal Status in Oklahoma

Following the federal legalization of hemp, Oklahoma followed up with similar state legislation. The 2019 Oklahoma Senate Bill 868 authorized the large-scale growing and production of Delta 9 THC products.

CBD products containing no more than 0.3% of THC on a dry weight basis have been legal in the state of Oklahoma since 2015. House Bill 2145 removed hemp-derived CBD from the definition of marijuana if the THC content did not exceed 0.3%.

If you’re ready for some badass, federally compliant, and state-legal Delta 9 THC gummies, shop right here from us! We’ll be happy to deliver them to Oklahoma—or anywhere else in the US—completely free of charge.


Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Oklahoma?

Here’s some more good news for Okies: medical marijuana is legal in the Sooner State.

Following the passage of SQ 788 in 2018, Oklahoma became the 30th US state to allow medical marijuana use. If you’re 18 or older, you can apply for a medical marijuana patient license with a valid physician’s recommendation. License holders can legally smoke marijuana in any place that allows the consumption of tobacco products, but edibles containing medical marijuana can be consumed anywhere.

Where Can I Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Oklahoma?

You can purchase Delta 9 gummies and other hemp products in local dispensaries anywhere in Oklahoma. Make sure you choose a reputable source that has quality ingredients and third-party lab testing.

Finding a good place to buy quality Delta 9 products can be a hassle, so why not do it online? You can save time by ordering from nama and having them delivered right to your door.


Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Tulsa

Products with Delta 9 are easy to find in local CBD stores in Tulsa. But what is the quality of their products? Are they organic? Do they contain any harmful ingredients? Do they use artificial flavors and colors?

Ordering gummies online has never been easier. You get world-class stuff delivered right to your doorstep. Top-notch flavors, rigorous third-party lab reports. Our gummies are the real deal.


Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Oklahoma City

If you live in or near Oklahoma City, you can try shopping locally. But if you want out-of-this-world Delta 9 gummies, there’s no better way to experience microdosing benefits than to purchase from us.

Our edibles are widely popular and come in a variety of flavors and potency levels. If you’ve been struggling with sleep lately, our Sleep Plus gummies will save the night. With 2 mg of THC and 25 mg of CBD, these blackberry lavender-infused bites can provide a solid eight hours of sleep. Order your gummies here.


Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Lawton

There are a handful of cannabis shops in and around Lawton, OK, that might carry Delta 9 products. When purchasing Delta 9, always choose a manufacturer that is transparent about the ingredients and the source of hemp.

Our edibles are packed with natural ingredients (no GMO, people), and infused with real fruit. That’s why our Euphoria gummies with Delta 9 and CBD taste so good. You can order our amazing gummies here.


Buy Delta 9 Gummies in Bartlesville

If you’re looking for high-quality Delta 9 gummies in Bartlesville, there are a few local shops you could try. When purchasing Delta 9 locally, always choose a manufacturer that is transparent about the ingredients and the source of hemp.

You don’t have to worry about transparency or faulty ingredients with us. All our edibles come with third-party lab reports. We use organic, American-grown hemp, so you know your safety is our number one priority.

You can buy from nama any day of the week and we’ll deliver your goodies anywhere in Bartlesville.


What is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 THC is one of the most well-known and well-researched cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. By incorporating small amounts of Delta 9 into your everyday life you can reap the benefits of cannabis while still feeling functional and productive.

Take a closer look at how Delta 9 can improve your health:

  1. Delta 9 can potentially treat prostate cancer. Recent studies reveal Delta 9’s anti-cancer properties. It might be able to block metastasis, prevent cancer cells from spreading, and induce apoptosis (cancer cell death). Many people microdose Delta 9 to alleviate pain, nausea, loss of appetite, and other side effects of chemotherapy.

  2. Microdosing Delta 9 protects our brain. Delta 9 could treat dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases that cause neuronal damage.

  3. Similarly, cannabis has shown to promote neurogenesis in older people and those who suffered traumatic brain injuries.

  4. Delta 9 can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and treat various mental and mood disorders.

  5. Microdosing Delta 9 can treat irritable bowel syndrome by reducing pain and nausea and promoting appetite.

  6. Delta 9 can improve the quality of sleep.

  7. Low THC doses can help migraine sufferers.


The Entourage Effect

On its own, Delta 9 THC is a powerful cannabis compound. However, paired with CBD and other minor compounds, Delta 9 seems to produce greater benefits and enhance other compounds’ effects.

This is called the entourage effect, where cannabis compounds create a synergistic interaction with one another. The beneficial properties of CBD become more pronounced when you take THC and CBD together.

Don’t believe us? Shop our full spectrum CBD gummies and experience the magic of cannabis synergy.

Some cannabis experts claim that the therapeutic properties of Delta 9 and CBD in the full spectrum effect produce the best results for our health. To learn more about it, check out this awesome full spectrum CBD guide.

While still beneficial to our health, broad spectrum CBD products do not contain any traces of Delta 9 THC. People who prefer a no-THC experience often buy our delightful Anytime broad spectrum gummies with 10 mg of premium CBD.

If you prefer a THC-free synergistic interaction of cannabinoids, let us introduce our collection of CBN gummies. These broad spectrum edibles contain quality CBD and cannabinol, a powerful mix that helps you sleep better.

Curious about the benefits of cannabinol? Read more about CBN in our extensive guide.

Check out our article on comparing full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD and see how they can benefit your health.  

Tips for First-Time Users of Delta 9 Gummies

Here’s what you need to know before you start microdosing Delta 9 for the first time:

  • Begin with a low dose (about 2.5 mg or less) and gradually increase until you find the dose that works for you. On your first session, do not exceed 5 mg total THC.

  • Begin microdosing edibles by swallowing a single gummy (or even a portion of one) and waiting at least one hour. Before you take more, check in with how you feel.

  • Be patient and consistent. Keep in mind that cannabis edibles might cause a delayed reaction, so proceed slowly and always give it enough time to feel the effects.

With an equal concentration of THC and CBD, our Bliss Delta 9 gummies will provide the most blissful relaxation and reduction in pain. A fruitful canna-bliss experience!

You can always find more information about edibles in our detailed guide on how to microdose weed.


Delta 9 Gummies FAQ

Do Delta 9 Gummies show up on a drug test?

Yes, even if you consume legal Delta 9 gummies, you may fail a drug test. If you only took Delta 9 once, it will likely be cleared from your urine in four days or less. If you have taken it habitually, it can take a month or more to clear your system for a drug test.


Is Delta-10 legal in Oklahoma?

Yes, Delta 10 THC is legal in Oklahoma. The state removed hemp from its Controlled Substances Act, which means that hemp-derived Delta 10 is not a prohibited substance in Oklahoma. As with Delta 8 and Delta 9, products containing no more than 0.3% of hemp-derived Delta 10 by dry weight are legal under federal law.


The legal status of Delta 10 in Oklahoma is subject to change, so it’s important to stay informed and understand the law surrounding industrial hemp and its byproducts if you plan on consuming Delta 8 and Delta 10, or any other THC products.


Is Delta 9 and CBD the same?

No, CBD and Delta 9 THC are not the same. THC and CBD are both prominent compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants. CBD products, such as CBD oils, gummies, and vapes, can contain THC, but also come in a THC-free variety. Some CBD products can contain Delta 9 THC.


Is Delta 9 psychoactive?

Yes, Delta-9 can have psychoactive effects when taken in high dosages. At low doses, Delta 9 will not cause psychoactive effects but will relax you, alleviate anxiety, and ease pain. Many people use low doses of THC to improve sleep or take low amounts of Delta 9 to deal with chronic pain without experiencing a high.


Does CBD help you think clearly?

When taken together, CBD and THC can improve focus and concentration. A 2020 study showed the efficacy of cannabidiol oil in treating ADHD. It seems that low doses of CBD have beneficial properties for our cognitive functions. With even greater benefits, CBD combined with Delta-9 can treat symptoms of ADHD and boost concentration, memory, and motivation.


What are the side effects of CBD?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD does not produce a high and has no serious adverse effects. Excessive amounts of CBD can result in short-term side effects such as low blood pressure, confusion, and drowsiness, but they typically subside within a few hours.


All nama products contain low doses of CBD, so there is no need to worry about side effects. Shop our collection of CBD edibles and gummies and see for yourself.




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