I'm Chris Whelan. This is my story.

Everyone's journey begins the day they are born, but each person's journey takes off at different times.

I grew up, graduated high school and went off to college. Little did I know in my third year of college, instead of trekking to class or standing in line at bars, I would be in a hospital room along with dozens of other cancer patients.

That's when my journey took off.

I kicked cancer's a$$.

When I was sick, the doctors put limits on what I could do. So the only way to make up for that after graduating, was focusing on my health, training daily and pushing myself to the limits.

Back to the books.

I then went off to law school, finishing top of my class, but most importantly met my best friend and wife <3.

My law school and legal career was fulfilling. I had the opportunity to work for federal judges, argue in court, and learn from amazing colleagues. Although satisfying, my legal career was not absent of both pressure and stress … a reality that is too true for most careers.

During my journey, there was one consistency. I spent my free time learning about the hemp (and cannabis) industry, speaking with experts, taking courses, reading everything I could get my hands on, and seeking out a product that would work for me. I sought something natural, clean, and effective.


I discovered the versatility of hemp.

I began implementing hemp into my routine as I took on each new challenge life brought. Whether during the rollercoaster of my college career, the extreme soreness during my long hours of training, or late nights and high stress from my law school and legal career.

Although the hemp products I incorporated into my daily routine assisted me in many ways, I was never fully satisfied. Whether it was a certain product's ingredients, the company's mission, or product offering, there was always something that wasn't right.

So I created my own.

Not being fully satisfied, I learned everything I could about what works and what it takes to build a quality product and created my own.

So help me in introducing you to nama, born in 2021 and ready to start its own journey.

Join me for the ride.

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Christopher Whelan

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