Are THC Drinks Legal?

Aug 21, 2023The nama Team

Cannabis drinks are growing in popularity, but are they legal? Let’s explore the complex landscape of Delta 9 THC legality

Are THC Drinks Legal?

Drinks infused with Delta 9 THC are federally legal in the US if they comply with specific conditions set by the 2018 Farm Bill. Which ours do, of course. 

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What Are THC Drinks?

THC drinks, also called cannabis-infused drinks and weed drinks, are beverages infused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They are a safe and reliable way to take small amounts of THC and CBD and reap the benefits of microdosing cannabis. 

If you want to learn more about THC, here’s our in-depth guide to tetrahydrocannabinol. It contains everything you need to know about its chemical composition, dosing, health effects, and so much more.

We are head over heels for our THC drinks. Here’s why:

  • Our THC beverages are free from harmful toxins like metals, pesticides, and solvents that can compromise their quality. We go above and beyond to test all our edibles in third-party labs and make sure they contain only pure, high-quality cannabis extracts and all-natural flavors.
  • With THC beverages, you can precisely control the dose and intake. 
  • Cannabis-infused drinks offer a more gradual build-up of effects than smoking. This allows you to ease into the experience, giving your body a chance to adapt at its own pace. 
  • THC drinks provide longer-lasting effects compared to quick fixes like smoking or vaping. While smoking highs fade after 1–3 hours, cannabis drinks can last up to 6 hours for some people. 
  • Our cannabis-infused beverages contain an uplifting combo of THC and cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol is another major cannabis compound touted for a wide range of medicinal properties like pain relief, reduced stress, and anti-inflammation. This powerful synergy between THC and CBD is known as the entourage effect

In the entourage effect, CBD and THC work together to enhance each other’s benefits, providing a more sustained and well-rounded cannabis experience. So don’t hesitate to order our THC and CBD Buzz Drops. With only 2.2 mg of THC and 2.9 mg of CBD, this delightful liquid edible is the life of the party.

Is It Legal to Buy THC Drinks?

The cannabis beverage industry has grown rapidly following cannabis legalization in many US states. However, the main ingredient in most cannabis drinks, Delta 9 THC, still faces complex legal limitations.

All adult-use cannabis products containing hemp-derived Delta 9 are federally legal. However, a product containing marijuana-derived Delta 9 is a Schedule I controlled substance, despite state-level recreational marijuana legalization. While 23 US states have legalized recreational marijuana, all cannabis products made from marijuana remain illegal at the federal level. (Medical marijuana programs have been approved in 38 states so far.)

Why are hemp-derived Delta 9 products federally legal? This is because of the 2018 Farm Bill, officially titled the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018. 

This legislation removed hemp from the list of controlled substances, making a clear legal distinction between hemp and marijuana. The Farm Bill defines hemp as “a cannabis plant, or derivative thereof, that contains not more than 0.3 percent delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol on a dry weight basis.”

Since all our cannabis products are Farm Bill compliant, our THC beverages are federally legal. Our Delta 9 gummies are also federally legal

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Notice how we’ve been talking about federal legality? Let’s delve deeper into the twisted tunnels of Delta 9 legality and move this conversation from the federal to state levels. 

Federal vs State Legality

State legislation operates independently from federal legislation, meaning that something can be legal federally and illegal in a state, or vice versa. 

Despite the federal legality of hemp-derived THC, individual states can still ban Delta 9 THC. As of 2023, Delta 9 products compliant with the Farm Bill are legal in 48 US states.

The only two states that ban all forms of THC are Idaho and Kansas. 

We don't ship our cannabis drinks to Idaho and Kansas, but if you are in another state, you can order all our products online. Check out our guide to the state-by-state legality of Delta 9 for more detailed info. 

Are THC-Infused Drinks Safe to Consume?

Delta 9 THC is safe to consume for people 21 and older, which makes our THC-infused beverages the ultimate cannabis delight. Adult-use cannabis consumption does not cause any long-term side effects.

Drinking cannabis beverages is not only safe but also enjoyable. THC drinks make you feel relaxed without overwhelming the senses. The 2.2 mg of THC in a serving of our liquid THC drink produces a light, upbeat buzz that enhances daily activities. 

All our low-dose cannabis gummies produce similar relaxing, mildly buzzing effects. Buy our blood orange Energy gummies and experience the mellow motivation infused with THC, CBD, and other stimulating nutrients. Just one 2.5 mg THC gummy provides an uplifting vibration that energizes both mind and body without any crash. 

Can THC Drinks Get You High?

Delta 9 THC can get you high at a sufficient dosage. If you drink THC in excessive amounts, you may experience some of the following side effects: 

  • Increased anxiety
  • Changes in mood
  • Changes in appetite
  • Heart palpitations
  • Increased anxiety

These effects are different for everyone, as individual tolerances and responses to THC differ. One thing is certain: if you start with a lower amount of THC and work your way up, you should be safe from any unpleasant side effects

Low doses of THC will make you feel relaxed without making you feel high. Our THC-infused drinks are formulated with ultra-low doses of Delta 9 and CBD, below the psychoactive threshold. Because low-THC drinks don’t cause psychoactive effects, they are perfect for microdosing. You get small doses of THC and CBD for a balanced kick and a whole lot of flavor. 

Speaking of flavor, our THC drops do not have any, and their neutral taste makes them endlessly adaptable and versatile. You can add a few drops to your favorite juices, non-alcoholic beverages, seltzers, smoothies, teas—you name it. Our liquid Buzz Drops let you craft your perfect cannabis-infused concoctions.

Benefits of Microdosing With THC Beverages

Microdosing cannabis with THC-infused drinks is the best way to experience the therapeutic health effects of THC and CBD. Low THC sparks mild relaxation and euphoria. A little CBD boosts the benefits through synergy. Together in microdoses, they enhance wellbeing without intense "highs" or impairment.

Take a look at some of the potential benefits of microdosing cannabis with low-dose THC drinks

  1. THC has analgesic properties and can provide relief from various types of pain. Microdosing cannabis can also relieve chronic migraines.
  2. THC is known to increase appetite, making it beneficial for individuals with medical conditions or undergoing treatments like chemotherapy. Microdosing cannabis can help promote food cravings and improve nutritional intake, which means it can help “in the treatment of conditions that involve reduced appetite and weight loss” (Kirkham).
  3. Low-dose cannabis may help reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity in ADHD patients. One of the major contributors to ADHD seems to be insufficient levels of dopamine. Lack of dopamine, an important neurotransmitter, in our brain can lead to increased anxiety and depressive episodes. According to a 2012 study, Delta 9 increases dopamine levels in the brain, leading to greater feelings of wellbeing and better cognitive functioning. 
  4. A 2017 study on the effects of cannabis on mental health suggests that low doses of THC and CBD can mitigate anxiety
  5. Let’s not forget the therapeutic effects of CBD. A study on cannabidiol in the treatment of anxiety suggests that cannabidiol reduces fear and social distress even more effectively when paired with THC.

Whether you drink THC or chew on a delicious gummy, the outcomes are pretty much the same: a well-balanced experience that maximizes the potential health benefits of both CBD and THC. Read our detailed guide to the therapeutic benefits of microdosing cannabis

For a sense of relaxation and pain relief, try our Relax Plus gummies. A balanced ratio of only 5 mg THC and 25 mg CBD provides the perfect synergy for a soothing and calming experience. 

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Are THC-Infused Beverages FDA-Approved?

Hemp-derived THC products are federally legal across the US, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved cannabis products. However, the FDA is actively evaluating the safety and regulatory framework for hemp-derived compounds in food and beverages.

The FDA has approved some cannabis-based medications, such as dronabinol, nabilone, and epidiolex.

  1. In June 2018, the FDA approved Epidiolex, which contains CBD. This cannabis-derived medication is used to treat certain types of epilepsy. However, this approval is specific to the medication and does not apply to CBD or THC as general food or drink ingredients.
  2. Dronabinol is a synthetic form of THC marketed under the brand name Marinol. It is a Schedule III controlled substance in the United States, which means it has a lower potential for abuse compared to Schedule I substances like medical marijuana.

Dronabinol is synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol ('THC'), which obtained FDA approval in 1985 for the treatment of HIV/AIDs-induced anorexia and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in patients who have failed to respond to conventional antiemetics. (O’Donnell, et. al.)

  1. Nabilone, or Cesamet, is another synthetic cannabinoid that is chemically similar to THC. It is used to treat chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting and to stimulate appetite, particularly in patients with wasting disease or cachexia. According to cannabis research, nabilone is typically reserved for “patients who fail to respond to or are intolerant of conventional antiemetics, such as the serotonin [5-HT3] receptor antagonists. Off-label uses of nabilone include as an appetite stimulant and for chronic pain relief.”

The health effects of cannabis compounds on pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers are still not fully researched. Read more about the safety of cannabis during breastfeeding

If you have specific health concerns, discuss cannabis use with your physician first. 

Where to Buy the Best THC Drinks

When buying THC beverages, always aim for high-quality products and reputable sources. Low-quality cannabis drinks can contain lots of harmful chemicals like pesticides and metals. These can not only compromise your health but can cause more damage than good.

You can try your luck at local dispensaries or various online retailers. When shopping for any THC products, always look for lab reports. Rigorous lab testing will break down the potency of a product and tell you the exact amount of Delta 9, CBD, or other cannabis compounds it contains. 

Be a savvy shopper and order right here at nama. We’re transparent about the ingredients we put in our products—which are nothing short of top quality—and we use only organic, non-GMO, American sourced hemp with no artificial colorings or flavors. 

If you’re in need of a high-quality cannabis-infused beverage, shop at nama and explore a wide range of delicious flavors and precisely dosed options to enhance your cannabis experience.

THC Drinks Delivery Subscription

Tired of trekking to the store whenever your favorite THC beverages run out? We offer an easier way: automated delivery straight to your door. Our personalized Buzz Drops subscription saves you time and hassle. Sign up and never worry about running low or remembering to reorder again. 

Here’s more about the benefits of a THC drinks subscription

With an ongoing supply of Buzz Drops, it may be a good time to spice up your regular lemonade with a boost of cannabis creativity. Combine fresh-squeezed lemonade, cranberry juice, lime juice, and a generous dose of our THC drops over ice to create a vibrant Pink Lemonade mocktail

Or skip the mixing and go straight for our Pink Lemonade gummies for an invigorating snack. The sweet and sour sugar coating will spark your senses as 10 mg of THC melts away stress.

We know all this talk about refreshing THC beverages has got you intrigued. Explore more delicious recipes for the ultimate cannabis-infused beverages

THC Drinks FAQ

THC doses in cannabis-infused drinks can range anywhere from 2 mg to 25 mg per serving. Some microdosed products contain only 2–5mg for mild effects, while higher doses like 10--25mg are intended for more experienced users. 

We believe in the powerful effects of taking small amounts of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, so our THC drinks contain no more than 2.2 milligrams of THC per serving.

THC drinks produce similar effects to other forms of ingested cannabis, including mild euphoria, relaxation, the munchies, and pain relief. Effects come on gradually within 10 to 20 minutes and typically last for 2–6 hours. Drinkable THC results in a more mellow, longer high compared to smoking. 

The effects of THC drinks are different for different people. They also depend on factors such as the THC concentration, method of cannabis consumption, and dosage.

CBD drinks are generally considered safe, as CBD is a non-intoxicating compound with a low risk of adverse effects. CBD drinks contain no calories and may support health in doses of 15–25 mg CBD per serving. As with any cannabis drink, start low until you find the right amount for you.

CBD-infused drinks are typically made with CBD oil or CBD isolate, which is extracted from hemp plants and infused into the beverage. Some users report improved focus and a sense of overall well-being with regular CBD consumption. 

CBD isolate contains only pure, hemp-derived cannabidiol. Here are the differences between CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD, which contain CBD, Delta-9 THC, and other beneficial cannabinoids. 

Cannabis-infused beverages can expire and have a shorter shelf life than chewable edibles. You can prolong their shelf-life if you keep them refrigerated. The natural compounds and ingredients can degrade in quality over time, resulting in a loss of flavor, effects, and nutrition. Proper storage, such as keeping the drink in a cool, dark place, can help maintain the product's quality and potency for a longer period of time. 

Most THC drinks maintain peak freshness for 9–12 months when properly stored. Expired beverages may not make you sick, but their potency and taste can decline.

The effects of THC-infused drinks typically last 2–6 hours. This is a result of the slower absorption of THC as it passes through the digestive system compared to the rapid absorption from smoking or vaping. Beverages do go through the digestive system but are not metabolized by the liver or the intestines. CBD can also prolong its effects due to its positive interaction with THC.

Infusing THC into an alcoholic beverage is illegal in certain jurisdictions, while in others, it may be subject to specific regulations. This is also true for spiking alcoholic drinks with THC oil or powder. 

Mixing alcohol and THC can have unpredictable effects and potentially increase impairment, so be aware of and adhere to local laws and regulations. Here are some suggestions for the best alcohol replacement drinks that will give you a great time without the booze.

Liquid edibles, or THC-infused drinks, offer similar effects and potency as solid edibles. Their potency depends on the THC content in them. The liquid format does provide faster, more consistent absorption, but that doesn’t mean it is stronger. This faster absorption can lead to a more rapid onset of effects and, for some individuals, the perception that liquid edibles are stronger. 

There are no hard limits on the number of CBD drinks one can safely consume, but it’s better to consume them in moderation. An excessive amount of CBD drinks could potentially lead to side effects like diarrhea, changes in appetite, fatigue, or interactions with medications. 

Most people can tolerate between 20–400 mg of CBD per day without adverse effects. 

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis but are defined by law in the following ways. 

  1. Hemp is cannabis with a THC level not exceeding 0.3% by dry weight. 
  2. Marijuana is cannabis with a THC level exceeding 0.3% by dry weight. 

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp and hemp-derived products on a federal level due to hemp's negligible levels of THC and its viability for industrial uses. Meanwhile, marijuana-derived products remain illegal at the federal level due to associated regulations on THC as a controlled substance, though many states have legalized it.

The cannabis beverage market has rapidly expanded thanks to cannabis legalization, with major beverage brands developing THC-infused products to compete in this lucrative new space. However, the hazy legal status of recreational marijuana has created obstacles for THC drinks derived from marijuana to go mainstream.

With more and more states legalizing recreational marijuana, beverage companies and breweries are constantly developing new THC-infused seltzers, beers, teas, tonics, and mocktails. 

Cannabis beverage products include microdosed drinks infused with 2–5 mg of THC as well as higher dose craft brews. The cannabis market has seen innovation in formulations, flavors, and specialty functional ingredients, offering consumers a wide array of options to explore cannabis drinks in a refreshing and enjoyable way.

The legalized recreational marijuana market enables THC-infused beverage products geared towards adult use and enjoyment. In contrast, medical cannabis programs focus on therapeutic, health-focused products with precise CBD and low THC dosing. The recreational cannabis market has promoted drinkable THC consumption for leisure rather than solely wellness.

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