How long do THC drinks last before they expire?

Mar 11, 2024The nama Team
How long do THC drinks last before they expire?

Cannabis drinks can last up to 8 months when stored properly. Just think of all the indulgent craft mocktails you can make before you run out of a bottle of our THC Buzz Drops™

THC drinks are a delicious way to reap the benefits of microdosing cannabis. We’re not huge fans of alcohol, so we keep our drinks virgin and subtly euphoric.

Keep reading to find out how long THC-infused beverages last and how to keep them fresh.

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What are THC drinks?

THC drinks, also known as cannabis-infused beverages or weed drinks, are liquid products that contain small amounts of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC) and other cannabis compounds. They provide the therapeutic benefits of THC in liquid form, allowing for convenient consumption and precise dosing.

Our cannabis drinks are infused with small amounts of THC and cannabidiol (CBD)—only 2.5 mg of each cannabinoid per full dropper of our liquid Buzz Drops™. Add one dropper (or less if you’re new to microdosing) to your favorite non-alcoholic drink, and your slightly buzzing and relaxing refreshing beverage is ready.

We don’t mean to brag, but our buzztails™ are also the perfect alcohol replacement as they mimic the look and taste of your classic cocktail, but skip the booze and avoid the drawbacks of alcohol.

Our cannabis-infused edibles are another great way to microdose THC. They offer another safe and reliable way to ingest small, controlled doses of Delta 9 THC and CBD without the overwhelming side effects that come with taking too much. 

Get the finest THC edibles from our expertly curated, non-GMO, all-natural collection.

Do THC drinks expire?

Cannabis drinks come with an expiration date. The average shelf life of THC beverages depends on the ingredients: if they contain ingredients that can spoil, the beverage will have a shorter expiration date. Drinks without easily spoiled ingredients—such as our Buzz Drops™—will last longer. 

Regardless of the expiration date, cannabis drinks can diminish in potency over time. Factors such as processing methods and storage conditions play a huge role in this. When you store your cannabis edibles and drinks in warm, humid environments where they are exposed to direct sunlight, they are more likely to lose potency. 

Once you've opened a bottle of our Buzz Drops™, make sure to store it properly to avoid spoilage and prolong its shelf life. If you're concerned about the quality of your cannabis beverages, here are some indicators to watch for:

  • Look for any changes in color, such as fading or discoloration.
  • Take note of any unusual or off-putting odors emanating from the drink.
  • Check for any changes in texture, such as clumping or separation of ingredients.
  • Our cannabis beverages have a neutral flavor, so they don’t overpower your mocktails. If your drink tastes like anything, it may be a sign it has changed chemically. Time to toss it away.
  • Inspect the bottle for any signs of mold, especially around the cap or inside the bottle.
  • Look for any damage to the packaging or signs of leakage, which may compromise the drink's quality.

When in doubt about the quality, throw your THC mixer out and order a fresh bottle of our liquid Buzz Drops™

How long do THC drinks last before they go bad?

THC drinks typically won't spoil even after the expiration date. The worst thing that can happen is that the cannabis extracts inside the drink lose their potency and effectiveness. To avoid this, make sure you finish a bottle of our hemp-derived cannabis mixer within 6 to 8 months of opening it. Once opened, consume within 6–8 weeks for the best quality.

Even if your THC drink has surpassed the expiration date, it may still be consumable as long as there are no signs of spoilage, such as mold or off-putting odors. The potency of an expired THC drink may significantly decrease, but consuming it beyond the expiration date typically doesn't pose any serious health risks. 

With proper storage and timely consumption, you can enjoy the benefits of our cannabis beverages without worrying about expiration dates. 

One of the major benefits of THC drinks is that they won’t leave you feeling sluggish and hungover. Learn how to make our virgin Bloody Mary with a buzz and some of our other delicious mocktails so you never feel drained again.

How do THC drinks make you feel?

The effects of THC drinks can range from calming, therapeutic, and mildly euphoric to intense and potentially psychoactive. It all depends on the dosage. 

Small amounts of THC drinks (1–2 mg of THC per serving) are the best place to start before you increase the dosage. At this level, THC offers mild euphoria and mood lift without intense psychoactive effects or other side effects. 

Anything between 5 and 10 mg of THC provides more pronounced effects and should be consumed by seasoned users who are already accustomed to the effects of cannabis. A THC dose of 25 mg or higher is considered one that will produce an intense high. High doses of THC may lead to increased euphoria, paranoia, mood changes, and short-term cognitive impairment, so it's best to stick to lower doses for a more enjoyable cannabis experience.

Individual factors such as metabolism and body weight may influence how long the effects last, with faster metabolisms reducing the duration of effects. When you sip your THC-infused beverage alongside a meal, this can also affect absorption, delaying the onset of effects. 

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THC drinks vs edibles

Traditional edibles and cannabis drinks are two ingested methods of cannabis consumption that boast safety, convenience, and discretion. Their effects may slightly differ, here’s how:

There are plenty of ways to microdose cannabis, but THC drinks and edible gummies are the best ones. Our loyal customers know that. 

"At 63 years old, I am new to this and quite impressed with this product! Just a dropper full in my non-alcoholic drink of choice and WOW! I feel relaxed and relieved. Wish I had tried something like this a long time ago."

Jill C., a verified buyer

How to store cannabis drinks

If you want to maintain the safety and potency of your weed drinks, make sure you store them properly. We have some tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you keep your THC beverages fresh and effective for as long as possible.

  1. Store THC drinks in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and artificial light sources as light can degrade THC and other cannabinoids in the drink. This may reduce its potency and effectiveness. Once opened, transfer your bottle to a cool, dark place, preferably a fridge. 
  2. The ideal temperature for an opened bottle of THC drink is around 60–70°F. Store it in a location with a stable temperature to prevent exposure to excessive heat or cold, which could impact the drink's quality. 
  3. Avoid freezing your cannabis drinks, as this can damage taste and potency. 
  4. Make sure that the container is sealed tightly to prevent air and moisture from getting inside.

Always keep cannabis products out of the reach of minors and consume them responsibly. 

Are THC-infused drinks legal?

Cannabis-infused drinks are legal in the US at the federal level if the THC in them is derived from hemp. The 2018 Farm Bill made a legal distinction between hemp and marijuana and removed hemp from the list of controlled substances if the cannabis product contains 0.3% THC by dry weight or less. 

This means all our THC-infused beverages and cannabis edibles are federally legal. If you’re wondering where to buy the best THC drinks, nama™ is the right place—no fuss, no worries about the quality and purity of the products, and no legal complications. 

Whether you're looking for a refreshing THC drink to unwind after a long day or a convenient and discreet way to experience the benefits of low-dose THC, nama™ has got you covered. All of our products are made with 100% organic, American-grown hemp with low amounts of THC. If you’re feeling like munching on a healthy snack, shop our collection of cannabis-infused gummies now.

Where to buy the best THC drinks

Are you tired of trekking to the store whenever your favorite THC beverages run out? There’s an easier way: automated delivery straight to your door. Our personalized Buzz Drops™ subscription saves you time and hassle. 

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THC drinks shelf life FAQ

Cannabis drinks have a natural shelf life that is influenced by different factors such as exposure to light, air, and moisture. Cannabinoids in cannabis drinks can degrade over time, impacting the potency and effectiveness of the beverage. Properly store your cannabis drinks in airtight containers and adhere to expiration date guidelines to maintain the quality of cannabis drinks and prolong their shelf life. 

Generally, the effects of THC beverage products can last anywhere from two to six hours. A cannabis drink high can depend on several factors such as THC dosage, individual metabolism, and cannabinoid potency. The presence of other cannabinoids can also influence the duration of the high. Always start with a low dose, and gradually increase it to manage the duration and intensity of the high. This promotes a more controlled and enjoyable experience. 

THC drinks may have side effects when consumed at higher doses. Common side effects include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Increased heart rate
  • Impaired coordination
  • Temporary memory loss
  • Increased anxiety and paranoia
  • Dizziness

The presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis drinks can influence the onset and severity of side effects. 

Before deciding on dosage, consider potential adverse reactions and the psychoactive properties of THC, but also take into consideration the medicinal properties of cannabinoids. Follow the instructions found on the label and consume your THC beverages responsibly and in moderation.

You can refrigerate cannabis drinks to help preserve their freshness and potency. When you stick a bottle of THC drink in the fridge, you slow down the degradation process of cannabinoids. Make sure you store it in an airtight container, preferably its original packaging, and protect it from moisture and light. 

Proper refrigeration can extend the shelf life of cannabis drinks, maintaining their efficacy, flavor, and overall quality. This maximizes the therapeutic benefits while minimizing the potential unwanted side effects. Consider the impact of temperature on the chemical stability, microbial stability, and quality of cannabis beverages when determining the best storage method.

Consuming expired cannabis drinks may not pose immediate health risks, but the potency and effectiveness of the cannabinoids may diminish over time. Although expired cannabis drinks may still be consumable, their taste, potency, and overall quality could be compromised, which can impact your experience and the therapeutic potential. Follow the indicated expiration date on the packaging, and discard any expired products to ensure optimal quality and safety. 

Cannabis drinks serve as a viable alternative to alcohol for individuals seeking a non-alcoholic option. With careful dosage and responsible consumption, THC-infused beverages offer a sociable alternative to alcohol that promotes relaxation and a mood boost without the negative side effects associated with alcohol.

There’s no doubt that cannabis drinks provide a healthier and more enjoyable beverage option

Cannabis drinks offer a convenient and discreet method of consumption, making them an excellent option for individuals seeking an alternative to smoking or traditional edibles. With precise dosing and consistent potency, cannabis drinks provide a controlled and predictable experience, suitable for both recreational and medicinal users. Cannabis drinks infused with cannabis oil or hemp-derived THC offer fast onset times and increased bioavailability, ensuring efficient absorption and timely onset of effects.

Cannabis drinks can be mixed with different non-alcoholic beverages and ingredients to create customized concoctions tailored to your preferences. Coconut oil, a common ingredient in cannabis-infused drinks, adds a creamy texture and enhances the bioavailability of cannabinoids. Mixing cannabis drinks with fruit juices, carbonated water, or herbal teas can mask the cannabis flavor while offering additional flavor profiles and nutritional benefits. 

Feel free to experiment with different combinations and flavors to enhance your cannabis mixers and create indulgent THC mocktail recipes.

Cannabis drinks may exhibit visible signs of degradation, including changes in color, consistency, and odor. Mold growth or cloudiness in the liquid can indicate microbial contamination and spoilage, rendering the beverage unsafe for consumption. A noticeable loss of potency or an off-putting taste may suggest that the drink has degraded beyond its optimal quality. Regular inspection and adherence to storage guidelines can help identify these signs and ensure the safety of cannabis-infused beverages.

Exposure to light and air can accelerate the degradation of cannabinoids and other active compounds in cannabis products, leading to a reduction in potency and efficacy. UV light, in particular, can break down cannabinoids and alter the molecular structure of the product. Proper packaging in opaque containers and storage in a dark, cool environment can help mitigate the effects of light and air exposure and preserve the potency and stability of cannabis products.

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