Try this zesty ginger pear THC drink recipe

Dec 25, 2023The nama Team
Try this zesty ginger pear THC drink recipe

Our ginger pear cannabis drink recipe serves uplifting, feel-good vibes, without the alcohol. Ditch the booze and say hello to the perfect alcohol replacement drink.

All of our cannabis-infused drinks contain low doses of THC and CBD for that perfect mellow buzz. Order our THC drinks and enjoy the virgin version of some of your favorite cocktails.

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What is a cannabis drink?

THC drinks, also called weed drinks or cannabis-infused beverages, contain small amounts of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC). They are convenient, fun, and offer precise, predictable doses of THC. They’ll have you addicted to perfecting the art of craft mocktails in no time. 

THC can have psychoactive effects, but only when taken in higher amounts. Our low-dose edibles and drinks contain carefully measured, precision-balanced ratios of THC and CBD, which allow you to reap the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the intense “high.”

Discover a plethora of delicious THC recipes and learn how to infuse your favorite beverages with small amounts of cannabis to uplift every drink. One of our show-stoppers is the classic Bloody Mary infused with small amounts of THC and cannabidiol (CBD). 

If a Blood Mary won’t wet your whistle, maybe you’d be more content with something creamy like our blood orange and cream mocktail

How to make a ginger pear cannabis mocktail?

A ginger pear cannabis mocktail is a tantalizing drink that blends spicy ginger, sweet pear, and a touch of honey syrup to create the perfect THC-infused refreshment. 

You start with freshly peeled ginger that infuses the drink with a warm and invigorating kick. The addition of ripe pear adds a natural sweetness and crispness that perfectly balances the ginger. Then, you add the honey syrup and lemon juice, which combine harmoniously with the fruity notes of the pear and ginger spice. 

But the drink is incomplete without our low-THC Buzz drops to provide a subtle euphoria and lots of mellow vibes. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated non-alcoholic option or simply want to indulge in a delicious beverage, our ginger pear THC mocktail is the perfect choice. 

To create this mocktail, you’ll need:

  • 1 peeled and sliced ginger
  • ½ pear
  • ¾ ounce of honey syrup
  • ¾ ounce of lemon juice
  • 1 dropper of Buzz drops (2.2 mg of THC per full dropper)
  • Ice

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Start by muddling the ginger with chunks of ripe pear and honey syrup in a cocktail shaker. The muddling process releases the aromatic essence of the ginger and integrates the sweet notes of the pear, creating a harmonious base for your mocktail.
  2. Add fresh lemon juice into the shaker. The citrusy zing from the lemon juice adds a vibrant layer to the mocktail, perfectly balancing the pear and honey syrup.
  3. Add a dropper of nama’s Buzz drops.
  4. Add a generous amount of ice. This not only chills the mocktail to perfection but also contributes to the ideal level of dilution.
  5. Shake the ingredients vigorously.
  6. Once thoroughly shaken, strain the concoction over fresh ice in a highball glass. 
  7. Complete the mocktail with a finishing touch by garnishing it with a thin slice of pear or any other garnish you like.

Your ginger pear cannabis-infused beverage is ready and it only took a few minutes to whip up. Remember to enjoy responsibly, and savor the delicious flavors and relaxing effects of this carefully crafted beverage.

Elevate your ginger pear buzztail

We've crafted a stellar ginger pear THC buzztail for you, but who says you can't tweak and twirl it to match your unique taste? Here are some tips and tricks to elevate this cannabis-infused delight and make it your own:

  1. Ginger brings a warm kick, but you can venture further by experimenting with different peppers. Swap out the ginger for a slice of jalapeño, habanero, or even a touch of chili powder for an extra punch. If you’re daring, a dash of hot sauce will turn up the heat and add an intriguing layer of spice to your mocktail.
  2. Substitute half of the ginger with creamy almond or peanut butter. For the Nutella aficionados, incorporate a hazelnut-chocolate twist by adding a dollop of chocolate hazelnut spread or a sprinkle of cocoa powder.
  3. Elevate the mocktail's aromatic profile by muddling in fresh herbs. Mint leaves or mint sprigs, basil, cilantro, or even a touch of lavender can harmonize beautifully with the ginger and pear. 
  4. Swap the lemon twist for fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, or blood orange juice. Each variation adds a unique citrusy kick that complements the sweet and spicy elements of the drink.
  5. Adjust the sweetness to your liking. Drizzle in maple syrup, agave nectar, raw honey, or a classic simple syrup for layered sweetness. If you have a sweet tooth, a hint of granulated sugar can transform your mocktail into a sugary wonderland.
  6. Have fun with garnishes to add visual appeal and texture. Sprinkle cocoa nibs, crushed pistachios, dehydrated citrus, or coconut flakes for an ornamental crunch that elevates the presentation of your mocktail.

The joy is in experimentation, and our recipe isn’t set in stone. Don't be afraid to get creative and tailor this mocktail to your taste buds. 

If straight-up mocktails aren't your thing, but you still crave that sweet tang with a kick of THC, our Energy gummies are the perfect replacement. They contain only 2.5 milligrams of THC per gummy for a hint of euphoria and a rich blood orange flavor. 

You can also choose to mix and match. THC drinks and edibles are amazing ways to microdose cannabis. Sip on a glass of our THC-infused blood orange and cream mocktail when you want refreshment with a quick cannabis lift. For longer-lasting effects, pop a few of nama’s irresistible THC gummies. 

How long do cannabis drinks last?

The THC from a cannabis beverage gets absorbed into the bloodstream rather quickly after consumption. Since they’re not fully digested, THC mixers typically have a shorter duration of effect compared to gummies. 

Once the effects of THC beverages kick in, they can stick around for anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. 

Our THC drops also contain cannabidiol, another major cannabis compound that offers a plethora of therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Combining microdoses of THC and CBD creates an entourage effect, working together to provide both a mental and physical boost.

Our THC Buzz drops are a great example of a full-spectrum CBD product where all the components work synergistically to amplify the effects. Experience the advantages of full-spectrum CBD, including the balanced euphoria from THC combined with the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBD. 

How long does a cannabis drink take to kick in?

THC drinks offer a faster onset of effects than edibles because of the way they're absorbed by the body. When you eat an edible, the THC takes its time passing through your digestive tract before it reaches your bloodstream. Liquids skip that long journey and go straight for the soft tissues that line your mouth and throat. 

From there, cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce their effects. The ECS is a complex network of signals and receptors that interact with compounds from the cannabis plant. It helps regulate important physiological processes such as sleep, appetite, pain perception, memory, and inflammation. THC and CBD interact with the ECS to produce their therapeutic effects.

This sublingual absorption means that the THC bypasses your liver and reaches your bloodstream faster. The effects of a THC beverage will typically kick in within 10–20 minutes.

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Why is drinking THC better than alcohol?

THC-infused beverages are revolutionizing social drinking by providing an uplifting, feel-good buzz without the adverse effects of alcohol. Even in small doses, cannabis relaxes you, elevates your mood, and enhances experiences without impairing cognition or motor skills. On top of that, you'll wake up refreshed and ready for the day, not hugging the toilet or laying out on the couch with a splitting headache.

Here are the reasons we’re kicking the booze and opting for non-alcoholic substitutes: 

  • Microdosing cannabis gives you a gentle high that enhances experiences while overdoing it on alcohol can ruin them. With small amounts of THC carefully infused in our Buzz drops, you get a pleasant high that elevates your mood in a gentle, controlled way. After a night of drinking, you often spend the next day glued to your bed feeling like death. 
  • With THC drinks you can chill out, not blackout. Relax and enjoy the moment while maintaining control and never worrying about what embarrassing things you may end up doing.
  • The buzz of a proper microdose improves your state of mind without impairing cognition or motor skills. You stay mentally sharp and physically coordinated.

Cannabis microdosing is an all-around better alternative to alcohol. Did you know that low amounts of THC and CBD may alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

We do love a tall glass of our favorite THC-infused to get slightly buzzed, but sometimes we’re up for an even more convenient way to microdose cannabis. Our THC gummies are another safe way to ingest small, manageable amounts of Delta 9 and CBD without the overwhelming side effects that come with taking too much. 

If you’re new to microdosing, our Relax Plus gummies are the perfect introduction to the mellow world of low-dose cannabis. Each gummy contains 25 mg of soothing CBD coupled with just 5 mg of THC for a mildly euphoric buzz. Pop one of these gummies after work to ease stress and transition into an evening of serenity. 

Where to buy the best THC drinks

When you shop at nama, you get the best cannabis products made with 100% organic, non-GMO, American-grown hemp. We lab test all of our products to ensure purity and reliability. Our scientists meticulously extract that sweet THC and CBD nectar, and then expertly craft it into our uplifting Buzz drops. 

As cannabis connoisseurs, we take pride in our high-quality products. We've got your back with the freshest, cleanest hemp sips on this side of the Milky Way. So forget those sketchy sellers and buy your THC-infused drinks from nama

Are you tired of trekking to the store whenever your favorite THC beverages run out? Thankfully, there’s an easier way with nama’s automated delivery straight to your door. Our personalized Buzz drops subscription saves you time and hassle. 

Sign up for our THC drinks subscription and never worry about running low or remembering to reorder again. 

THC drinks FAQ

Ginger ale is not a mocktail, but rather a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage. While it shares the spicy kick of ginger, it lacks the intentional crafting of flavors that a mocktail delivers. Ginger ale can be enjoyed on its own, or used as a base for many different cocktails, but it's not a mocktail unless you dress it up with other non-alcoholic ingredients.

Rosemary can be a delightful addition to the pear mocktail. Its piney, citrusy notes can complement the sweet and spicy elements of the drink, adding a refreshing herbal twist. Muddle a sprig of fresh rosemary along with ginger and pear for a sophisticated flavor profile that elevates the mocktail experience.

You can transform your ginger pear mocktail into a sparkling sensation by topping it off with soda water, sparkling water, or tonic water. The effervescence adds a lively touch, enhancing the overall drinking experience. Just shake your concoction in a cocktail shaker, strain it in a glass with ice, and then crown it with the bubbly brilliance of sparkling water for a refreshing, fizzy twist.

The most famous of all mocktails may be the virgin Mojito. This refreshing concoction of lime, mint, sugar, and soda water mirrors its alcoholic counterpart but skips the rum. Known for its zesty and minty profile, the virgin Mojito has become a classic non-alcoholic option and a go-to choice for those looking to enjoy the flavors of a cocktail without alcohol.

We have more classic mocktails and modern concoctions up our sleeves. Here are a few of our top mocktail options for your next order.

  1. Cannabis-infused Pink lemonade: this mocktail offers the bright and refreshing taste of lemonade with the added touch of our cannabis infusion. You need fresh lemon juice, cranberry juice, some cold water, and lemon or orange peel for garnish.
  2. Alcohol-free pumpkin cream THC drink: for a taste of fall, this mocktail offers the creamy and spiced flavor of pumpkin, with the added twist of our Buzz drops infusion
  3. Blueberry thyme THC drink: this captivating mocktail combines the sweet allure of fresh blueberries with the earthy charm of thyme, all elevated by our THC infusion. Your choice of sparkling water or soda water can make this delicious sipper even more refreshing.
  4. Non-alcoholic grapefruit sunset: this non-alcoholic version of the classic cocktail brings together the vibrant and slightly bitter notes of grapefruit, creating a refreshing and tangy drink perfect for sunset sipping. 
  5. Cannabis-infused Margarita: this delightful concoction mirrors the classic margarita but substitutes the alcohol for a cannabis-infused twist. This mocktail will transport you to a beachside paradise without the hangover.
  6. Virgin Tom Collins: our THC-infused take on the timeless Tom Collins boasts the perfect blend of sophistication and herbal charm. We love this crisp and effervescent beverage that pays homage to the classic cocktail drank from a classic Tom Collins glass. 

Double straining involves using both a regular strainer and a fine mesh strainer to filter out small particles, resulting in a smoother, more refined drink. When crafting delicious mocktails with ingredients such as fresh mint leaves or citrus pulp, double straining ensures a clean and visually appealing beverage. After shaking or stirring your mocktail, hold the fine mesh strainer over your glass to catch any unwanted bits, providing a silky texture that enhances the overall drinking experience.

The double-straining process not only eliminates remnants of pulp or herb particles but also prevents seeds or residual bits from compromising the velvety consistency. Whether you're experimenting with a blueberry ginger mint infusion or a citrusy delight, double straining ensures flawless presentation and a sip that's pure indulgence.

While fresh-squeezed lime juice offers unparalleled vibrancy, high-quality bottled lime juice can be a convenient substitute without compromising too much flavor. Ensure you are using 100% lime juice without additives for the best results. Watch out for excessive sweetness or artificial additives, as they can alter the balance of your mocktail. If possible, stick with fresh-squeezed lime juice for that extra burst of citrusy goodness and a more authentic mocktail experience.

For an elevated twist, infuse a hint of blue spirulina powder into your fresh-squeezed lime juice, creating a visually stunning and health-conscious addition to your beverage. This not only adds a subtle oceanic hue, but also introduces a nutritional boost, making your mocktail a delightful blend of freshness and wellness.

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