Kick back with our cannabis Tom Collins recipe

Nov 25, 2023The nama Team
Kick back with our cannabis Tom Collins recipe

Are you craving the classic Tom Collins flavors but prefer to skip the hangover? Meet our unique twist on this classic sipper, sans alcohol. 

We replace the hangovers with mellow buzz and feel-good vibes. Our low-dose cannabis Buzz drops will enrich your favorite beverages in a safe and controlled way.  

Craft mocktails are the future of drinking. More and more people ditch alcohol in favor of less toxic, more health-conscious options that allow them to feel refreshed and sociable without the negative effects of booze.

We’ve got some amazing alternatives to alcohol up our sleeves, so grab your cannabis mixers and elevate your mocktail game with an irresistible THC-infused Tom Collins.

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Buzz Drops™ [THC Drink Drops]
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What is a cannabis Tom Collins mocktail?

A THC-infused Tom Collins mocktail is a refreshing twist on the classic cocktail without the gin. Our version combines the bright, citrusy flavors of lemon and lime with sweet simple syrup, soda water, and fresh herbs. The absence of alcohol allows the natural flavors of the drink to shine. 

Here’s what we love about this ultimate party juice:

  • The bright, tart lemon and lime provide the signature Tom Collins flavor, while the sweet simple syrup balances out those crisp, tart citrus.
  • Our lighter, toxin-free version retains the crisp, cooling essence of the original Tom Collins. The mocktail format accommodates those avoiding alcohol while socializing. 
  • Herbaceous notes and lively citrus flavors make this cannabis Tom Collins mocktail a flavorful alcohol-free option perfect for parties or relaxation.
  • A  pitcher of our cannabis Tom Collins makes entertaining and parties a breeze.

This mocktail is the ideal choice for you if you’re tired of feeling exhausted and dehydrated after a night of drinking. Instead of intoxication, it offers an uplifting experience. Our THC beverages are mellow and have no side effects. Unlike booze, you won’t feel heavy—no next-day migraines, nausea, dehydration, or blackouts. 

That’s why we infuse this timeless sipper with low doses of cannabis. Did we mention our liquid Buzz drops also contain cannabidiol (CBD)? 

Our low-dose cannabis infusion contains only 2.2 mg of Delta 9 THC and 2.9 mg of CBD per full dropper. These small amounts of cannabis produce mildly euphoric feelings without overwhelming your senses and gluing you to the couch. That’s not what we want from our cannabis cocktail.

How do I make a cannabis-infused Tom Collins drink?

The Tom Collins is a gin-based cocktail that has been popular since the 1800s. Since we said no to booze and its nasty side effects, our virgin Tom Collins will contain only a few milligrams of THC and CBD to give you a mellow buzz without overwhelming your senses. 

With just a few easy steps, you'll learn how to make a homemade cannabis Tom Collins drink to enjoy anytime. Here’s what you need to make it:

  • Juice of one lemon
  • ½ ounce of simple syrup
  • 2 ounces of water
  • Ice 
  • One dropper full Buzz drops
  • Garnish (optional)


  1. Fill your glass with ice. 
  2. Add the simple syrup, lemon juice, and water.
  3. Add a dropper of Buzz drops. 
  4. Stir vigorously until thoroughly combined.
  5. Garnish with lemon wedges. 
  6. Sip slowly and enjoy.

We know you’re going to love this refreshing mocktail, but if you’re in the mood for something creamier, how about a blood orange and cream THC drink? It blends the luscious blood orange with frothy coconut milk, all infused with low doses of cannabis.

Are you looking for something more classic? Here’s our virgin Bloody Mary cannabis mocktail to die for. 

We’ll let you decide what you feel like sipping on. Check out our collection of the best THC mocktail recipes. Browse through the decadent ingredients and fresh fruits to find the ideal treat for your tastebuds.

Elevate your non-alcoholic Tom Collins buzztail

This recipe is not set in stone. You’re most welcome to experiment with flavors and ingredients until you find the one that delights your palate the most. The options are virtually limitless, so don't be afraid to get creative.

Here are some tips and tricks for the ultimate THC Tom Collins drink:

  1. Always use freshly squeezed lemon juice for the best taste. A lemon wheel in the shaker can infuse the drink with additional citrusy flavors.
  2. Adjust the sweetness by varying the amount of simple syrup used in the recipe. Instead of simple syrup, you can use simple sugar, just make sure you stir long enough for the crystals to dissolve. (If you’re making this beloved cocktail ahead of time, you can use hot water to dissolve the sugar in, let that cool, and then make your drinks.)
  3. Make sure your glass is adequately chilled and filled with plenty of ice for a refreshing drink.
  4. Use any type of glassware you feel like. A highball glass is always a good choice, but any other type of tall glass will do.
  5. Prepare the mocktail in a cocktail shaker. This allows you to shake the heck out of it and really combine the ingredients before serving your refreshing cocktail.
  6. Garnishes are completely optional. They do give a nice visual appeal to your drink, though. A lemon slice and cocktail cherry not only add to the visual appeal but also contribute to the overall flavor profile of the mocktail. Add fresh mint or basil to give your Tom Collins a more sophisticated look.
  7. Top your cocktail with soda water or tonic water. This gives it a bubbly and refreshing finish.

Apart from being a great alcohol substitute, many people microdose cannabis to relieve anxiety, because low-dose THC can soothe your system—unlike higher amounts which can cause the opposite effect.

Our cannabis mixers are great, but our THC gummies are also waiting to delight your palate and melt away your stress. Pop one of our melon-infused Bliss gummies for the perfect bite-sized treat to de-stress.

Discover more benefits of cannabis microdoses.

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Why are THC drinks better than alcohol?

Alcohol is one of the unhealthiest and riskiest ways to have fun. The reasons why you should stop with the booze and start with cannabis-infused mocktails are too many to name—but we’ll try. 

  1. You can feel the effects of THC beverages within 20 minutes of consumption. Sure, booze can get you pleasantly tipsy in the same amount of time, but alcoholic beverages are nowhere near the efficacy, safety, or elegance of a homemade THC drink. 
  2. The effects of THC drinks can last up to six hours, which is longer than an alcohol buzz. This means that THC provides more enjoyment and relaxation time.
  3. It typically takes one hour for the body to metabolize one drink, but several hours to fully metabolize multiple drinks. This longer metabolization leads to an unpleasant hangover with symptoms such as a headache, nausea, dry mouth, and fatigue. THC wears off more smoothly than alcohol, without causing negative hangover side effects.
  4. Speaking of hangovers and unpleasant symptoms, the effects of THC drinks are much more manageable because of the lower, controlled dosing. Two milligrams of THC and nearly three milligrams of CBD in our liquid Buzz drops are strong enough to provide relief or relaxation but gentle enough to keep you functional and clear-headed. 

The stronger argument for replacing alcohol is that frequent and excessive alcohol intake often leads to alcoholism. Because of its therapeutic effects, microdosing cannabis may help alcoholism, alleviate withdrawal symptoms, and reduce cravings.

Learn how to infuse your drinks with THC and say goodbye to the harmful consequences of alcohol for good.

Where can I buy the best cannabis drinks?

Shop at nama and get the best cannabis products made with 100% organic, non-GMO, American-grown hemp. We lab test everything too so you can see the purity with your own eyes. Our scientists meticulously extract that sweet THC and CBD nectar and craft it into our uplifting Buzz drops. 

As cannabis connoisseurs, we take pride in our pristine products. We've got your back with the freshest, cleanest hemp sips on this side of the galaxy. So forget sketchy sellers and buy your THC-infused drinks from nama

You can even sign up for an automated delivery straight to your door. Our THC drinks subscription means you never have to worry about running low or remembering to reorder again. 

THC drinks FAQ

The differences between a Tom Collins and a Gimlet are rooted in their distinct flavor profiles and ingredients. A Tom Collins, a classic gin-based drink, combines gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda. The result is a tall, effervescent, and refreshing cocktail with a zesty, citrusy taste. 

In contrast, the Gimlet, traditionally crafted with gin or vodka and lime juice, tends to be shorter, more potent, and less bubbly. Its flavor is notably more tangy and sometimes sweeter, owing to the lime juice, which can be cordial or freshly squeezed, and simple syrup or sweetened lime juice.

The Tom Collins cocktail is named after a hoax that became popular in 1874. As a practical joke, people would start conversations by asking “Have you seen Tom Collins?” and claim that this fictional person was talking about the listener. The hoax spread through word of mouth and newspaper stories about supposed Tom Collins sightings. Several music hall songs were even written about the phony character.

Around this time, Jerry Thomas published an early recipe for a gin punch called the Tom Collins in his 1876 bartending guide. Since the hoax was so well-known, especially in New York where Thomas worked, it's believed the drink was named after the fictitious Tom Collins as a nod to the popular joke. An earlier recipe for a similar “John Collins” gin punch dates back further, but the shift to calling it Tom Collins coincided with the hoax. 

Despite originating in the 19th century, Tom Collins remains a beloved and frequently ordered drink. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to its timeless appeal as a light, citrusy, and effervescent beverage, making it a staple at bars, social gatherings, and in mixology circles. The Tom Collins continues to be enjoyed by both cocktail enthusiasts and those seeking a crisp and refreshing beverage on a warm day.

We hopped on this timeless appeal train and kicked out the alcohol wagon to make room for our low-dose Buzz drops. The classic cocktail is still there, just without the negative effects of gin.

A range of soft drinks complements gin and enhances its flavor profile. Club soda, with its effervescence and neutral taste, is a popular choice, adding a refreshing and bubbly dimension to gin-based drinks. Tonic water is another classic mixer, providing a slightly bitter and quinine-infused profile that pairs famously with gin. Ginger ale offers a sweet, spicy, and aromatic twist to gin, while lemon-lime sodas contribute a tangy and citrusy flavor that amplifies the gin's botanical notes.

Simple syrup is readily available for purchase at most liquor stores, grocery stores, and online retailers. It is a fundamental ingredient in many popular cocktails, including the Tom Collins, due to its ability to effortlessly sweeten beverages without the graininess of granulated sugar. 

Typically, it's offered in pre-made bottles, making it a convenient and time-saving option for mixologists and home bartenders seeking to craft delicious drinks without the hassle of preparing the syrup from scratch.

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It is not considered a drug in the traditional sense. While it is derived from the same plant family as marijuana, CBD is non-intoxicating and does not produce the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana use. 

Instead, CBD is a natural supplement. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a CBD-based prescription drug called Epidiolex for the treatment of specific medical conditions, but most CBD products available on the market are considered dietary supplements.

Many of our edibles contain combinations of THC and CBD or CBD with other, minor cannabinoids (such as cannabinol, or CBN) that provide relaxation, relief, and mental clarity. The CBD content in our Buzz drops is pretty low—only 2.9 mg per full dropper—and pretty safe to consume. 

It is pretty safe to consume CBD every day in a controlled, responsible way. Small amounts of CBD can be part of your regular wellness routine and potentially promote relaxation, manage stress, or support overall well-being. A THC and CBD Tom Collins is a great way to end your evenings with only one dropper of our liquid Buzz drops

However, if you’ve never consumed CBD before, pay attention to your body's response and always start with a low dose. Consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have specific health concerns or are taking medications.

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Buzz Drops™ [THC Drink Drops]
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