Delicious blueberry thyme THC drink recipe

Nov 01, 2023The nama Team
Delicious blueberry thyme THC drink recipe

Looking to wet your whistle with a refreshing cocktail, but want to avoid the negative effects of alcohol? Put down the booze and say hello to our new cannabis-infused mocktail: it’s blueberry thyme. 

This blueberry thyme THC drink takes just a few ingredients and minimal effort to mix up, the same as our other cannabis drink recipes

We’re big fans of drinks that contain microdoses of THC and CBD for that perfect mellow buzz. Order our THC drinks and elevate your favorite beverages with a euphoric twist.

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What is a blueberry thyme THC drink?

This blueberry lemonade-ish drink is flavored with thyme, buzzed up with cannabis, and contains zero alcohol. The sweet juiciness of blueberries combines with the woodsy aroma of thyme to create this stunning craft mocktail. Lemon juice steps in with an additional zesty kick, balancing the sweetness of blueberries and the earthy aroma of thyme. 

And the best part? A splash of our liquid THC mixer adds a layer of relaxation without any sluggish side effects. Microdoses of THC provide euphoric vibes and mood elevation without strong intoxication. 

Low doses of THC are much safer and healthier than alcohol. With booze, it’s easy to lose track and overdo it, leaving you to face that dreaded hangover the next day. But with our carefully controlled, low THC amounts, you get smooth, mellow effects without nausea, headaches, or mental fog. 

Microdosing cannabis is actually good for your brain and it helps you stay present, focused, and motivated.

How do you make a blueberry thyme THC drink?

Leave the hangovers behind you and let the flavors shine in this refreshing blueberry thyme cannabis mocktail. Bursting with juicy berries, fragrant herbs, and a dash of our THC mixer, this mouthwatering elixir takes your lazy Sunday afternoons to a whole new level.

So grab your shaker because it's time to blend up some magic. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A handful of blueberries
  • 2 sprigs of thyme
  • 1 ounce lemon juice
  • 1 dropper full Buzz drops (2 mg of THC)
  • Soda water
  • Ice
  • Garnish (optional)

It’s time to mix all this goodness up. 

  1. Give your blueberries a quick rinse (this is not that kind of a dirty drink).
  2. Place the blueberries in a cocktail shaker.
  3. Add two sprigs of thyme and muddle everything. This helps release the flavors. 
  4. Pour in the lemon juice.
  5. Add Buzz drops (one full dropper will do, but you can always adjust the dosage). 
  6. Shake your mocktail or stir with a spoon. 
  7. Take a tall glass and fill it with ice.
  8. Strain the drink in the glass.
  9. Top with soda water.
  10. Garnish with a sprig of thyme, a slice of lemon or lime, and a few extra blueberries (totally optional). 

You’ve just made the easiest, most delicious buzzy mocktail. Enjoy. 

Explore more cannabis-infused recipes. Craft, savor, and unwind with precisely measured THC microdoses and the finest all-natural ingredients. You can never go wrong with our classic margarita with a buzz or a decadent Bloody Mary THC mocktail

How to elevate your blueberry thyme cannabis drink

If you’re ready to give our craft mocktails a chance, we’ve got some stellar tips for you to ensure your blueberry thyme lemonade is an absolute hit. 

  1. Twist the thyme in your fingers before adding it to the drink; this releases its aromatic compounds. 
  2. Muddle blueberries and other ingredients to release their flavors You can use a muddle or the back of a spoon.
  3. If you have a cocktail shaker, give it a good shake to blend all the ingredients together. If you don't, stirring with a spoon works just fine. 
  4. Some people don’t like ice in their drinks (shocking, we know). If you don’t want ice cubes in your blueberry thyme mocktail, don’t put any, but make sure the lemon juice and the soda water are chilled. Frozen blueberries work as well.
  5. Use fresh ingredients whenever possible: fresh thyme, fresh blueberries, fresh lemon juice… You get the idea. 
  6. If you have a sweet tooth, feel free to add a bit of honey or a sugar alternative. We don’t mind a healthy sweet mocktail. 
  7. You can swap soda water with sparkling water, club soda, tonic water, or any other type of bubbling beverage your heart desires.
  8. To really elevate the herbal notes of this irresistible party juice, make a thyme-infused simple syrup first and add it to the glass before you fill it with ice or blueberries.
  9. Use as many or as few blueberries as you want; you’re the master. 
  10. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, give your glass rim a touch of class by dipping it in coarse salt or sugar. This adds more texture and flavor—and will undoubtedly wow your guests. 
  11. Get creative with garnishes. You can use other herbs such as a sprig of mint or add a lemon wedge, lemon peel, lime wheels, fresh blueberries, etc.

With these tips, your homemade blueberry thyme drink will be a showstopper. 

Always consume THC-infused beverages responsibly, especially if you're new to them. At our recommended 2 mg of THC per serving (one dropper of Buzz drops), you’ll be well under the threshold of intoxication.

Why are THC drinks better than alcohol?

Unlike alcohol, cannabis drinks provide an uplifting, feel-good buzz that actually improves your experiences instead of muddling them. Microdoses of THC relax your body, brighten your mood, and enhance sensations while still allowing you to think clearly and move freely. 

Plus, you'll wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated and prepared to embrace the new day without the discomfort of nauseating hangovers or throbbing headaches.

Here’s why we’re getting off alcohol and looking for the best non-alcoholic substitutes

  • Cannabis gets you lifted without the letdown. With carefully infused low doses of THC in our Buzz drops, you get a pleasant high that enhances your mood in a gentle, controlled way. 
  • With THC drinks you can chill out, not blackout. Relax and enjoy the moment and never worry about losing control over yourself. 
  • No intoxication. Microdosed THC drinks give you a gentle high that enhances experiences while overdoing it on alcohol can ruin them. 
  • Cannabis boosts your wellness, ditching the illness. Can you say the same about booze? 
  • The microdose buzz improves your state of mind without impairing cognition or motor skills. You stay mentally sharp and physically coordinated.

We could go on and on about the reasons why you should ditch booze and welcome the most refreshing THC-infused drinks. Did you know microdosing cannabis may alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

We told you cannabis microdosing really is an all-around better alternative to alcohol. Raise a glass of our blissful blueberry thyme mocktail and explore the benefits of low-dose weed.

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What are the benefits of THC drinks?

Whether you’re looking for a natural way to relieve pain, improve sleep quality, or simply want something tasty to boost your mood, cannabis in a glass has a diversity of health benefits

  1. Low-dose cannabis has potent anticancer effects. According to Preet, et. al., “THC was able to inhibit tumor growth and lung metastases in a murine model of lung cancer.” 
  2. Low THC can improve sleep quality. It promotes relaxation and reduces the time it takes to fall asleep (sleep latency). Research shows that THC may increase sleep latency and help maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle, which leads to restful nights.
  3. You know about the munchies, right? Well, THC is known to increase appetite, promote food cravings, and improve nutritional intake, making it beneficial for individuals with medical conditions or undergoing treatments like chemotherapy. 
  4. THC has been found to promote neurogenesis, the formation of new neurons, which may be beneficial for brain health and potentially offer neuroprotective effects against conditions like dementia. One study review suggests that “THC promotes hippocampal neurogenesis, prevents neurodegenerative processes occurring in animal models of Alzheimer's disease, protects from inflammation-induced cognitive damage, and restores memory and cognitive function in old mice.”

So go ahead, and sip on invigorating blueberry thyme lemonade without guilt. The right THC microdose in this tasty beverage offers bundles of science-backed benefits. A little mood boost, appetite stimulation, neuroprotection—that’s just scratching the surface of what this compound can do. 

Don’t forget that most of our cannabis products contain a combination of THC and CBD. The dynamic duo of THC and CBD creates something truly special: the entourage effect. When these two cannabinoids team up, they bring out the best in each other. 

CBD helps tone down the intense high of THC, making it smoother and less anxiety-inducing. But CBD also packs its own set of therapeutic perks, like reducing inflammation and soothing anxiety. So, it's not just about feeling good—it's about feeling just the way you want, with fewer side effects and more balance. 

Order our full-spectrum CBD gummies to experience the magic touch of the entourage effect or infuse your drinks with our low-dose CBD and THC Buzz drops

Whichever method you choose, make no mistake: gummies and THC-infused drinks are the best way to consume cannabis. 

How long do the effects of cannabis-infused drinks last?

The THC and CBD from the cannabis beverage get absorbed into the bloodstream rather quickly after consumption. Since they’re not fully digested, drinkable THC typically has a shorter duration of effects than gummies. The THC from the beverage enters your bloodstream directly through the soft tissues in your mouth, bypassing the digestive process.

From there, the cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce a plethora of their beneficial effects. This complex network of signals and receptors interacts with compounds from the cannabis plant (phytocannabinoids) and helps regulate important physiological processes in the body like sleep, appetite, pain perception, memory, and inflammation. 

Once the effects of THC beverages kick in, they can stick around for about 2 to 6 hours. This can also depend on a few factors, like:

  • THC concentration in the drink 
  • Serving size 
  • Your stomach's content
  • Your metabolism 
  • Your tolerance to cannabis

THC drinks are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the soft tissues in the mouth and throat. This means your favorite THC beverages kick in pretty fast. You can start feeling the effects of THC drinks within 10–20 minutes of consumption. 

If you’re a beginner in the world of microdosing, our THC drinks are the best introduction you could ever ask for. In case you prefer munching, we recommend our exotic Energy gummies. They contain only 2.5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD for a balanced combination and a subtle boost of energy. 

Where can I buy the best cannabis drinks?

Shop at nama and get the best cannabis products made with 100% organic, non-GMO, American-grown hemp. We lab test everything too so you can see the purity with your own eyes. Our scientists meticulously extract that sweet THC and CBD nectar and craft it into our uplifting Buzz drops. 

As cannabis connoisseurs, we take pride in our pristine products. We've got your back with the freshest, cleanest hemp sips on this side of the galaxy. So forget sketchy sellers and buy your THC-infused drinks from nama

You can even sign up for an automated delivery straight to your door. Our THC drinks subscription means you never have to worry about running low or remembering to reorder again. 

THC drinks FAQ

Cocktails without alcohol are known as mocktails. Mocktails are crafted to mimic the flavors and presentation of traditional cocktails but are entirely non-alcoholic. Mocktails cater to individuals who prefer not to consume alcohol, whether for personal, health, or religious reasons or simply because they want to enjoy the taste and experience of a cocktail without the intoxicating effects.

The primary purpose of non-alcoholic cocktails, or mocktails, is to provide an enjoyable and flavorful drinking experience free from alcohol. They cater to a wide range of individuals who, for different reasons, choose not to consume alcoholic beverages. 

Alcohol-free beverages offer alternatives to designated drivers, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people in recovery from alcohol addiction, and those who want to enjoy social gatherings without the damaging effects of alcohol. 

You can still enjoy your favorite mocktail in a glass with ice, made with lemon or lime juice, fresh berries, sparkling water, or club soda. You can add any sweetener you like: granulated sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, etc. You can prepare it in a shaker or a blender and top with fresh mint leaves, thyme sprigs, or other aromatic herbs.

Many different kinds of syrups can add sweetness and flavor to your favorite recipes for mocktails. Some commonly featured syrups in mocktail recipes include:

  • Simple syrup, made from an equal mix of sugar and water, serves as a versatile sweetening agent. 
  • Flavored syrups, such as grenadine with its fruity and slightly tart notes or orgeat syrup known for its delightful nutty undertones, are also popular choices to craft unique mocktails. 
  • Fruit-based syrups like raspberry and strawberry syrups offer the perfect way to boost the fruity profiles of non-alcoholic cocktails, making them even more delightful. 

The choice of syrup really depends on how sweet you want your mocktail to be. 

When it comes to ordering a fantastic mocktail, the world of non-alcoholic cannabis beverages offers a plethora of unique flavors. Whether you're abstaining from alcohol or just craving a refreshing, booze-free drink, THC-infused mocktails have you covered. 

Here are a few top mocktail choices for your next order.

  1. Cannabis-infused Pink lemonade: this mocktail offers the bright and refreshing taste of lemonade but with the added touch of our cannabis infusion. It's a unique option for those looking to enjoy the flavors of summer with an extra layer of complexity.
  2. Alcohol-free pumpkin cream THC drink: for a taste of fall, this mocktail offers the creamy and spiced flavor of pumpkin, with the added twist of our Buzz drops infusion
  3. Paloma mocktail with THC: the classic Paloma is known for its grapefruit and lime flavors and a shot of tequila. This mocktail comes with a THC infusion, turning this booze festivity into a delightful non-alcoholic option bursting with citrusy tang and THC euphoria.
  4. Non-alcoholic grapefruit sunset: this non-alcoholic beverage brings together the vibrant and slightly bitter notes of grapefruit, creating a refreshing and tangy drink perfect for sunset sipping. 
  5. Cucumber mint mocktail with THC: when you combine the cool and refreshing essence of cucumber with the invigorating flavor of mint, you get a rejuvenating alcohol-free choice. A splash of THC and CBD in it is just the cherry on top.

Consume your cannabis-infused mocktails responsibly and be aware of your tolerance. Moderation is key. 

Blood oranges are a fantastic addition to your mocktail repertoire. These unique citrus fruits bring a delightful blend of sweet and tart flavors with a hint of berry undertones, which can elevate the taste of your non-alcoholic concoctions. The vibrant reddish hue of their juice not only adds a visually appealing element to your mocktails but also provides a distinct, tangy-sweet taste that sets them apart.

Blood orange juice pairs well with a range of ingredients, making it versatile in crafting mocktails. Combine it with fresh herbs like thyme for an herbal twist or mix it with sparkling water for a refreshing fizz. 

Here’s an amazing recipe we came up with to let you indulge in this versatile exotic fruit: our blood orange and cream mocktail—a luscious, citrusy delight.

You can creatively combine cannabis with many types of herbs to craft unique beverages and infusions. When using cannabis in combination with herbs, think about the flavors, aromas, and effects you want to achieve. Herbs like thyme, basil, or mint can complement the earthy or herbal notes of cannabis, providing a refreshing twist to your infused concoctions.

When you add sparkling water to cocktails, it brings several desirable attributes to the drink. Firstly, the effervescence of sparkling water, often referred to as ”fizz,” adds a delightful and refreshing quality to the beverage. It provides a subtle tingle on the palate, creating a more lively and invigorating drinking experience.

Sparkling water has the ability to dilute the drink, which can be beneficial in mellowing out strong or concentrated flavors, balancing sweetness, and reducing the alcohol content in cocktails. In mocktails, sparkling water is used to mimic the sensation of consuming an alcoholic cocktail, offering a similar mouthfeel without the intoxicating effects.

The carbonation in sparkling water can also enhance the aroma and release of flavors in the drink, making it an ideal choice for enhancing the overall sensory experience of a cocktail.

Cocktails can be sweet or tangy, depending on what ingredient you use and what effect you want to achieve. The ideal flavor balance of a cocktail depends on the specific recipe and the drinker's preferences.

Some cocktails, like the classic margarita, are designed to be tangy, featuring citrusy and sour notes. These cocktails often employ ingredients like lime or lemon juice and may include a hint of sweetness from ingredients like agave syrup. On the other hand, sweet cocktails like the Mai Tai or Piña Colada emphasize sweetness, typically deriving it from fruit juices, syrups, or liqueurs.

The choice between tangy and sweet comes down to your personal taste.

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Preet, A., Ganju, R. K., & Groopman, J. E. (2007, July 9). Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol inhibits epithelial growth factor-induced lung cancer cell migration in vitro as well as its growth and metastasis in vivo. Oncogene; Springer Nature.

Babson, K. A., Sottile, J. E., & Morabito, D. M. (2017, March 27). Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep: a Review of the Literature. Current Psychiatry Reports; Springer Science+Business Media.

Calabrese, E. J., & Rubio-Casillas, A. (2018). Biphasic effects of THC in memory and cognition. European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 48(5), e12920.

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