How to make a coconut mint THC mocktail

Jan 16, 2024The nama Team
How to make a coconut mint THC mocktail

Do you need a beverage that is simple and easy to make, yet refreshing and delicious? Try our recipe for a coconut mint mocktail with a buzz. Add a splash of our THC Buzz drops and you can mix up the perfect infused mocktail.

Craft mocktails are the future of drinking. More and more people are ditching alcohol in favor of less toxic, more health-conscious options that allow them to feel refreshed and sociable without the negative effects of booze.

Grab your cannabis mixers and elevate your mocktail game with an irresistible THC-infused coconut mint beverage.

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What is a coconut mint THC drink?

A coconut mint drink is a delightful, THC-infused mocktail that combines the freshness of mint, the richness of winter spice simple syrup, and the creaminess of coconut milk. This sipper wouldn’t be complete—or this fun—without our low-dose liquid THC drops.

The coconut mint mocktail is a quick and easy-to-craft concoction that has only 105 calories per serving.

If you’re still wondering why you should swap alcohol for our THC mixers, read on.

Why is low-dose THC better than alcohol?

Alcohol is extremely unhealthy. There are many reasons why you should kick the booze and substitute cannabis-infused mocktails with low doses of THC. Here are a few of our favorites. 

  1. Faster onset of effects. You can feel the effects of THC beverages within 20 minutes of consumption. Sure, booze can get you pleasantly tipsy in the same amount of time, but alcoholic beverages provide nowhere near the efficacy, safety, or elegance of a homemade THC drink. 
  2. Longer-lasting effects. The effects of weed drinks can stick around for up to six hours for some people. While that is a bit shorter than gummies—the THC in gummies can persist for up to eight hours—it sure beats booze. Your body typically needs about one hour to metabolize a standard drink. This means that if you've had multiple drinks, it may take several hours for the alcohol to completely clear your system. By that time, you might be waking up to a hangover with unpleasant symptoms. The THC from weed drinks tends to wear off more smoothly, eliminating the pounding headaches and other discomforts. 
  3. Mellow effects. Speaking of hangovers and unpleasant symptoms, the effects of THC drinks are much more manageable because of the lower, controlled dosing. Two milligrams of THC combined with nearly three milligrams of CBD in our liquid Buzz drops are strong enough to provide relief and relaxation but gentle enough to keep you functional and clear-headed. 

Because of its therapeutic effects, microdosing cannabis may help people with alcohol addiction, alleviate withdrawal symptoms, and reduce cravings.

Learn how to infuse your drinks with THC and say goodbye to the harmful consequences of alcohol for good.

How to make a coconut mint THC drink

Our minty coconut infusion may just be your next favorite getaway this winter. Unlike traditional cocktails tanked with booze, this concoction promises a delightful experience for your tastebuds, as well as the subtle embrace of a mild buzz. 

Here’s what you’ll need to make a silky coconut mint mocktail:

  • A handful of fresh mint leaves
  • ¾ ounce of winter spice simple syrup
  • 1 ounce of coconut milk
  • 1 dropper full of our Buzz drops (only 2.2 mg of THC per serving)
  • Ice
  • Optional garnish

Are you ready to whip up this tropical goodness? Here’s how:

  1. Gently crush the mint leaves in a cocktail shaker to release their aromatic oils. 
  2. Add the winter spice simple syrup.
  3. Pour in the creamy coconut milk. 
  4. Add THC Buzz drops to infuse the mocktail with cannabis.
  5. Drop a handful of ice cubes into the mix and shake vigorously. This step is crucial for blending the ingredients and achieving the perfect consistency.
  6. Carefully strain the infused mixture into a martini glass.
  7. Garnish the drink with a few remaining mint leaves.

If you like this concoction, check out our other THC drink recipes. From cannabis-laced virgin margaritas to the creamiest blood orange mocktails, you’ll find a THC beverage for every occasion. 

This refreshing beverage packs some serious therapeutic benefits that alcoholic beverages simply can’t provide. Read more about the benefits of low-dose THC drinks and discover why they’re the smartest way to unwind and de-stress.

Tips for extra enjoyment

Our coconut minty mixer is already a pretty stellar drink, but you can always personalize it to your taste. With a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of seasonal herbs, and a splash of our low-dose THC, transform this mocktail into a personalized masterpiece. 

Here’s how you can take our coconut mint THC drink to a new level:

  1. Elevate your coconut mint sipper by adding a splash of club soda for an effervescent twist that tingles your taste buds.
  2. Infuse a burst of freshness with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or lime juice, enhancing the mocktail's vibrancy and elevating its flavor profile.
  3. Incorporate a touch of orange juice into the mix, adding a delightful citrusy sweetness to complement the soothing coconut and mint.
  4. Introduce a spicy kick with the zing of ginger beer, creating a dynamic interplay between the warmth of ginger and the coolness of mint.
  5. Swap regular water with sparkling water to give your mocktail a playful effervescence, transforming it into a lively, uplifting beverage.
  6. Enhance the mocktail's allure by presenting it in a tall glass with plenty of ice, turning your drink into a visual masterpiece reminiscent of a tropical escape.
  7. Elevate the aesthetic and aromatic appeal by garnishing with a sprig of fresh mint, turning each sip into a fragrant journey.
  8. Embrace the art of mixology by using a shaker with ice to achieve the perfect amalgamation of flavors, ensuring a refreshing and well-blended experience.
  9. Experiment with cannabis-infused simple syrup to elevate sweetness, infusing the mocktail with nuanced cannabis notes.

If straight-up mocktails aren't your thing but you still crave the sweet tang with a kick of THC, our Energy gummies are the perfect option. They contain only 2.5 milligrams of THC per gummy for a hint of euphoria and a rich blood orange flavor. 

Or you can mix and match. THC drinks and edibles are both amazing ways to microdose cannabis. Sip on a glass of our THC-infused blood orange and cream mocktail when you want refreshment with a quick cannabis lift, but for longer-lasting effects, pop a few of our irresistible THC gummies

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What are the health benefits of THC drinks?

Are you ready to unlock the perks of liquid THC? Here are some more reasons why low-dose THC drinks are the best way to consume cannabis:

If you prefer texture and an explosion of flavors with every bite, order our Relax Plus gummies. These delicious edibles contain 25 mg of CBD and only 5 mg of Delta 9 to release tension and bring out the good vibes. 

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THC drinks FAQ

You can elevate the tropical essence of your coconut mint cannabis drink by incorporating pineapple juice and a splash of fresh lime juice. The combination of these zesty citrus notes and the sweet undertones of pineapple will transport your taste buds to a sun-soaked paradise. Use fresh citrus fruits for an invigorating burst that harmonizes perfectly with the cooling sensation of mint.

Transform your coconut mint THC drink into a visually stunning masterpiece by presenting it in a chilled glass with ice. The tall glass not only enhances the drink's aesthetic but also creates a captivating display of layers. Garnish with vibrant mint sprigs, and you have a mocktail that's not just a treat for your taste buds but also a feast for the eyes, making it ideal for any special celebration.

Tailor the sweetness to your liking by experimenting with agave syrup. Start with a small amount, as it blends seamlessly with the coconut and mint, offering a nuanced sweetness. This way, you're in control of the flavor profile, ensuring your coconut mint THC mocktail is a perfect balance of sweet and refreshing, meeting your unique taste preferences.

Spice up your mocktail presentation by using watermelon cubes as a creative alternative to regular ice. Not only do they keep your drink cool, but they also add a subtle hint of fruity flavor as they melt. This playful twist enhances the overall experience, making your coconut mint THC drink a delightful and refreshing choice.

Elevate the presentation of your coconut mint THC drink by serving it in a highball glass. The sleek, elongated design adds a touch of sophistication to your mocktail experience. Enhance the visual appeal further by rimming the glass with a slice of fresh lemon for a citrus-infused edge, making each sip a refined and stylish affair.

Introduce a playful effervescence to your coconut mint mocktail by incorporating club soda. The fizzy bubbles create a delightful dance on your palate, enhancing the overall drinking experience. Add it gradually to achieve your preferred level of fizziness, and you'll have a mocktail that's not just delicious but also sparkling with charm and vivacity. Cheers to a refreshing and bubbly twist to your favorite beverage.

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