The Four Most Popular Ways to Consume CBD in 2022

The Four Most Popular Ways to Consume CBD in 2022

Jul 07, 2021Christopher Whelan

CBD edibles derived from hemp are cropping up all over the place. Some of them only contain CBD, while others may include other hemp-derived compounds as well. The good news is that you now have several options of how you would like to incorporate CBD into your regular routine.

Each method has its pros and its cons. Of course, we recommend our vegan CBD gummies made from the highest quality American hemp.

So what are these four methods?

Topical Application

Topical products make up a large percentage of the market. How come? There are three main reasons, the first being supply/access, ease of advertising (large tech companies allow topical CBD advertising) and the third being ease of trying without ingesting anything.  

Supply / Access

Although CBD became legal pursuant to the 2018 Farm Bill, many states added their own restrictions. Some states fully banned CBD while others limited the product offerings. As a result, many retailers that wanted to sell CBD chose to offer topical products on their shelves due to the national acceptance of such products. Since so many stores decided to sell topicals, this allowed much greater access to most consumers, therefore, quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to use CBD.

Ease In Trying

Topicals are super easy to use, don't involve ingesting anything and likely share many similarities to products previously used by consumers.

  • Pros of Topicals

○ Very easy to use

○ Studies have suggested assistance with sore muscles and skin problems

  • Cons of Topicals

○ Short term effects compared with other products

○ Can result in greasy or oily hands if they don't have a built in applicator

○ Are often over priced per serving


    Similar to marijuana in both looks and smell (but without the psychoactive effects), CBD can be inhaled by smoking or vaping. Inhalation has become a popular form 

    • Pros of Inhalation

    ○ Very fast acting

    ○ Typically the highest concentration of CBD

    ○ Can allow users to experience more of the taste and smell of the hemp flower

    ○ Some cannabinoids have a higher activation level when combusted

    • Cons of Inhalation 

    ○ Can be harsh on the lungs

    ○ Can be confused for smoking marijuana by those that do not understand hemp flower

    ○ Requires additional products to consume such as a pipe or rolling papers


      Ah yes, on to the fun stuff! Ingestion is the most popular way of consuming hemp products, so you can choose from an array of THC gummies, CBN gummies, and, of course, CBD gummies as well.

      Ingesting CBD, aka taking an edible is really starting to boom! Why not get your daily CBD dose in a real fruit vegan gummy packed with the
      highest quality broad spectrum hemp. Let's dive into the pros and cons.

      • Pros of Ingestion 

      ○ Often infused into gummies, these offer a super discreet way of consuming you CBD

      ○ Typically quite delicious and fun at the same time

      ○ For those trying to avoid any sugar, soft gels are typically flavorless and offer the same pros as gummies without any added sugar

      ○ High absorption rates, which is great if you're using CBD gummies for sleep

      ○ Longer, more gradual effects compared to other forms

      • Cons of Ingestion 

      ○ Could take 30 minutes to two hours to kick in

      ○ Should be taken with some form of fatty foods or oils for highest absorption rate


      Taking CBD sublingual by utilizing a tincture (also known as a dropper) is a very popular form of consumption. Hemp extract is typically infused into hemp seed oil or MCT oil and filled into a tincture. Consumers can then take a few drops or the entire dropper directly under the tongue and hold it for at least 30 seconds for full effect. Be sure your dropper comes with a measuring tool build within so that you can measure your doses most effectively.

      • Pros of sublingual consumption

      ○ Great for beginners trying to find their perfect dose

      ○ Produces more immediate effects and typically longer lasting than inhalation

      ○ Can be flavored such a peppermint

      ○ When paired with hemp seed oil, you benefit from ingesting essential omegas

      • Cons of sublingual consumption

      ○ Absorption rate can vary

      ○ You often can taste aspects of the hemp extract

      ○ Not as discrete as an edible

      The Final Sign Off

      Hopefully, we helped narrow down the pros and cons of these four popular ways to consume CBD. We recommend ingesting CBD—as well as other hemp-derived products such as Delta 9 edibles and Elevate Delta 8 gummies—as it is the healthiest way to consume edibles.

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