The Three Most Popular Places to Buy CBD: A Statistical Analysis

The Three Most Popular Places to Buy CBD: A Statistical Analysis

Jul 07, 2021Christopher Whelan

In the age of digital, you would think that everyone is buying everything from an online retailer, including their daily dose of gummies with THC or CBD. However, the statistics say the opposite.  

Dispensaries Rule Them All

40% of people purchase their CBD from a dispensary. When you think about it, this is not surprising. CBD is new to a lot of people and its association with the marijuana plant certainly elicits a number of questions from potential consumers.

The fact that dispensaries are often staffed with educated "budtenders" helps resolve any confusion from would be purchasers and provide beneficial avenues for a consumer to really understand what CBD is.
 For instance, if you're looking for broad spectrum gummies with CBN or CBD gummies to help you fall asleep, a budtender can give some great recommendations.

Runner Up—Retail Stores

Not every state is graced with the availability to casually walk into a dispensary with walls of amazing cannabis and hemp products. That day may not be too far away, but until then most consumers have to rely on a local retail store for an in person CBD purchase.  

Unfortunately, not all retailers have the education to build the foundation to sell CBD products. In fact, some retailers are more confused by what CBD is than the consumer themselves. However, retailers still make up a large portion of sales, in fact 34% of consumers reported purchasing their CBD products from a local retailer. 

The E-Commerce Boom

Everything is online. You can buy a house, your groceries, and your hemp products from the comfort of your computer. Everywhere you look a new CBD brand is popping up online. There are a lot of them, but don't get overwhelmed by the hype and be sure to do your due diligence. Online retailers are great places to purchase CBD. However, since the product hasn't been screened as closely as one in a dispensary or retail store, it is important to look out for a few key items: 

  • Lab Reports
        • Lab reports are crucial, here is an example of one. If an online retailer does not have lab reports, do not buy their products. If they can't tell you what is in it, they can't expect to get your business. All nama CBD products, including our CBD gummies, edibles with Delta 9 and gummies with Delta 8 THC, go through rigorous testing.
        • Lab reports will break down the potency of a product, telling you how much CBD and other minor cannabinoids are truly in the product.
  • Price Point
        • Just because it's expensive, doesn't mean it's higher quality. For example, our fresh watermelon vegan Relax gummies are priced at $34.95 with free shipping. The same exact product can be found at other retailers for close to $100!!! And guess what, they even charge you for shipping.  That's just not right.
  • Transparency
        • The company should be proud of where their hemp is coming from. nama's hemp is sourced from small farms in Colorado and New Jersey. Keeping it 100% USA hemp and knowing exactly where our products begin their journey is important to us and should be important to you too.

So Where Should You Buy CBD Products?

If a company you trust is online and offers free shipping, then that's an easy place to start. But if you prefer speaking with someone face to face, then try to head down to your local dispensary. But don't forget to ask about their lab reports and where their hemp is being sourced from. You'll be happy you asked.

Here at nama, we offer an array of premium hemp products, including vegan gummies with CBD and Delta 9 gummies. We are always happy to answer any questions you have. Just send us an email at and we will be in touch!

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