Cannabis paloma mocktail recipe for a yummy buzz

Oct 11, 2023The nama Team

If tangy, refreshing cocktails are your thing, you are going to love this non-alcoholic Paloma with a twist. Put down the tequila because our liquid Buzz drops will make this classic sipper the ultimate chill thrill.

Cannabis paloma mocktail recipe for a yummy buzz

You don’t have to be a mixology expert to whip up this mocktail. With just a few simple ingredients and minimal effort, you get a tasty, cannabis-infused cocktail minus the alcohol. 

We’ve got some seriously good alcohol replacement drinks up our sleeves, so get some cannabis beverage mixers and go to work.

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What is a cannabis Paloma mocktail?

A cannabis Paloma mocktail is the ultimate booze-free twist on a refreshing classic. This THC-infused sipper ditches the tequila but keeps all the tangy, grapefruity goodness you crave.

A few drops of our low-dose liquid cannabis mixture are all it takes to give this sweet-and-sour drink a chill buzz factor. The cannabis provides a mellow high instead of an alcohol headache.

Discover a plethora of benefits of low-dose THC drinks. One of the best things we love about them is that they are the perfect alcohol replacement. Liquor can leave you with pounding hangovers and liver damage, but our low-dose cannabis cocktails provide a light, feel-good buzz without the nasty after-effects. 

Just a few sips of our weed elixirs will have you feeling that euphoric chill without the next-day headaches, nausea, and regret that come with one too many margaritas. Our Buzz drops are mild enough to enhance social situations but won't have you stumbling out the door plastered.

We did mention that they also contain a small amount of cannabidiol (CBD), didn’t we? Here’s everything you should know about the effects and therapeutic benefits of CBD

If you love Palomas but want to avoid getting wasted, say adios to tequila in your run-of-the-mill cocktail and hola to this euphoric, weed-laced alternative. 

What are the ingredients of cannabis Paloma?

This virgin Paloma cocktail is a keeper. You need only a few ingredients and the comfort of your own home to make it, but we promise you: every time you treat your friends with a glass of cold THC-laced Paloma mocktail, you will become the heart of the party.

Here’s what you need to make this mocktail:

  • 2 ounces fresh grapefruit juice
  • 4 ounces sparkling water
  • ½ ounce lime juice
  • ¼ ounce agave nectar
  • 1 dropper full of Buzz drops
  • Salted rim
  • Ice
  • Grapefruit wedges for garnish


  1. Run a grapefruit wedge along the rim of your glass, then swirl it in salt until coated. 
  2. Fill the glass with ice. 
  3. Add the grapefruit juice, lime juice, sparkling water, and agave nectar.
  4. Drop in the liquid THC. 
  5. Garnish the drink with grapefruit wedges.
  6. Enjoy. 

This recipe is not set in stone. You’re most welcome to experiment with flavors and ingredients until you find the one that delights your palate the most. 

Here are some tips and tricks for the ultimate THC Paloma experience:

  1. Play around with the ratios of grapefruit juice, lime juice, and agave nectar to find your perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Some like it zesty, while others prefer a sweeter touch.
  2. Remember, one full dropper packs a punch, containing 2.2 mg of THC and 2.9 mg of CBD. Adjust the dosage to your personal preference and tolerance. Moderation is key.
  3. If you're all about that crispiness, try blending all the ingredients together. It can give your THC Paloma a refreshing and frothy texture that's simply irresistible.
  4. Garnish is completely up to you. You can stick to grapefruit wedges, but lime wedges or any other citrus fruit are all great options. 
  5. Don't forget the salted rim. Many lazy people choose a salted rim-less Paloma, but this is not just for show. The edges of your glass lightly dipped in salt enhance the overall flavor by adding a hint of saltiness to complement the citrusy goodness.
  6. Substitute grapefruit juice with sparkling grapefruit soda. Pink grapefruit soda has become extremely popular lately, so why not one-up our buzzy Paloma?
  7. Keep your ingredients chilled. A cold Paloma is a happy Paloma, especially when you're sipping it on a hot day.
  8. Replace agave nectar with simple syrup or even a teaspoon of white or brown sugar. In fact, replace the agave nectar with anything sweet you prefer. 
  9. Don't be afraid to experiment with additional flavors or ingredients. You can always try different citrus fruits, herbal infusions, fresh mint leaves, or even a touch of lemon juice to make it your own signature THC Paloma.
  10. Hosting a party? Consider making a batch in advance. It'll save you time and ensure your guests get to enjoy the THC Paloma experience hassle-free. You may need a cocktail shaker to make this easier or simply dump all the ingredients in a blender and save yourself precious time. 
  11. Finally, remember to enjoy yourself responsibly. Even low amounts of THC can have different effects on everyone, so start slow and savor the journey. 

If you like this, check out our other THC drink recipes! From cannabis-laced virgin margaritas to the creamiest blood orange mocktails, you’ll find a cannabis beverage for every occasion. 

Our THC gummies are also waiting to delight your palate and ease you into a sweet euphoria. A lot of people microdose cannabis to relieve anxiety, because low-dose THC can soothe your system—unlike higher amounts which can cause the opposite effect.

Pop one of our melon-infused Bliss gummies for the perfect bite-sized treat to melt away your stresses.

How long do the effects of cannabis-infused drinks last?

The THC and CBD from the cannabis beverage get absorbed into the bloodstream rather quickly after consumption. Since they’re not fully digested, drinkable THC typically has a shorter duration of effects than gummies. The THC from the beverage enters your bloodstream directly through the soft tissues in your mouth, bypassing the digestive process.

From there, the cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce a plethora of their beneficial effects. This complex network of signals and receptors interacts with compounds from the cannabis plant (phytocannabinoids) and helps regulate important physiological processes in the body like sleep, appetite, pain perception, memory, and inflammation. 

Once the effects of THC beverages kick in, they can stick around for about 2 to 6 hours. This can also depend on a few factors, like:

  • THC concentration in the drink 
  • Serving size 
  • Your stomach's content
  • Your metabolism 
  • Your tolerance to cannabis

The best thing about our THC drops is that they also contain cannabidiol. CBD is another major cannabis compound that offers a plethora of therapeutic and medicinal benefits. When THC and CBD work together, they create an entourage effect wherein cannabis compounds enhance each other’s effects and benefits. 

Our THC Buzz Drops are a great example of a full-spectrum CBD product where all the components work synergistically to amplify the effects. Experience the advantages of full-spectrum CBD, including the balanced euphoria from THC combined with the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBD. 

Why choose a THC-infused drink?

There are many reasons why you should stop with the booze and start with cannabis-infused juice (or a craft mocktail). Alcohol is one of the unhealthiest and riskiest ways to have fun. If you replace it with low-dose cannabis drinks, you get safety, controlled potency, discreet portability, and longer-lasting effects. 

Here’s a quick rundown of why you should choose our Buzz drops: 

  1. Precise dosing. The amount of THC in drinks is pre-measured and distributed evenly throughout the liquid. This allows for consistent, reliable dosing and eliminates any guesswork. 
  2. Faster onset of effects. We adore our gummies, but THC drinks provide a much quicker uptake. While gummies take anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours to kick in (which is not a bad thing, either), you can feel the effects of THC beverages within 20 minutes of consumption. 
  3. Longer-lasting effects. Remember how the effects of weed drinks can stick around for up to six hours? That is a bit shorter than gummies, but way longer than smoking or vaping. 
  4. Mellow effects. The effects of THC drinks tend to be much more manageable because of the lower, controlled dosing. Two milligrams of THC and nearly three milligrams of CBD in our liquid Buzz drops are strong enough to provide relief or relaxation but gentle enough to keep you functional and clear-headed. 
  5. No health risks. THC edibles (like pre-measured gummies and drinks) are the healthiest method of cannabis consumption. Compared to smoking or vaping—which are the worst ways you can consume weed—cannabis-infused beverages completely avoid additives and toxic chemicals that are often present in vape cartridges and e-liquids. 

Probably the stronger argument for replacing alcohol is that frequent and excessive alcohol intake often leads to alcoholism. Because of its therapeutic effects, microdosing cannabis may help alcoholism, alleviate withdrawal symptoms, and reduce cravings.

Learn how to infuse your drinks with THC and never have to worry about the destructive effects of alcohol again. 

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Where can I buy the best cannabis drinks?

Not all THC beverages are created equal. Some shady sellers load their drinks with nasty stuff like toxic pesticides and heavy metals. If you’re looking to get high off contaminated cannabis, they’re the obvious choice.

When you shop at nama, you get the best cannabis products made with 100% organic, non-GMO, American-grown hemp. We lab test everything too so you can see the purity with your own eyes. Our scientists meticulously extract that sweet THC and CBD nectar and craft it into our uplifting Buzz drops. 

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What are the benefits of THC drinks?

Whether you’re looking for a natural way to relieve pain, improve sleep quality, or simply want something tasty to boost your mood, cannabis in a glass comes with a diversity of health benefits. 

  1. Low THC can improve sleep quality. It promotes relaxation and reduces the time it takes to fall asleep (sleep latency). Research shows that THC may increase sleep latency and help maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle, which leads to restful nights.
  2. You know about the munchies, right? Well, THC is known to increase appetite, promote food cravings, and improve nutritional intake, making it beneficial for individuals with medical conditions or undergoing treatments like chemotherapy. 
  3. Low-dose cannabis has potent anticancer effects. According to Preet, et. al., “THC was able to inhibit tumor growth and lung metastases in a murine model of lung cancer.” 
  4. THC has been found to promote neurogenesis, the formation of new neurons, which may be beneficial for brain health and potentially offer neuroprotective effects against conditions like dementia. One study review suggests that “THC promotes hippocampal neurogenesis, prevents neurodegenerative processes occurring in animal models of Alzheimer's disease, protects from inflammation-induced cognitive damage, and restores memory and cognitive function in old mice.”

So go ahead, sip on that cannabis-infused Paloma without guilt. The right THC microdose in a tasty beverage offers bundles of science-backed benefits. A little mood boost, appetite stimulation, neuroprotection—that’s just scratching the surface of what this compound can do. 

Read more about the therapeutic benefits of low-dose cannabis

Sip slowly, savor the chill, and remember—moderation is your friend.

THC drinks FAQ

A Paloma drink is a symphony of zesty juice and effervescence of sparkling water. 

  • The grapefruit juice brings that burst of grapefruit goodness to the forefront which gives the cocktail its signature flavor. 
  • The sparkling water adds that delightful fizz that tickles your senses. 
  • To balance out the citrusy tang, a splash of fresh lime juice steps in, adding that perfect zing. 
  • To sweeten the deal, a touch of agave nectar melds all the flavors together harmoniously. 

While you can riff on the classic, don't lose sight of what makes the Paloma so iconic. You can experiment with flavors and ingredients and make the paloma your own. But the classic combo of grapefruit, lime, agave nectar, and sparkling water is the tried and true template that allows the bright citrus flavors to shine through.

When you're dressing up your Paloma, you can't go wrong with grapefruit. You can either adorn your glass with grapefruit wedges or go for those stylish grapefruit half-moons that sit gracefully on the rim. 

Here are some optional garnishes that can add a touch of creativity and flair to the classic Paloma:

  • Lime wheels
  • Fresh mint sprig
  • Chili salt rim
  • Edible flowers
  • Lemongrass stick
  • Candied ginger
  • Berries
  • Cilantro sprig

The name “Paloma” comes from Spanish, where it translates to “dove,” a symbol of peace and serenity. This cocktail, with its gentle and soothing citrusy notes, embodies many of those qualities. Every time you sip on a Paloma, you're not just enjoying a drink; you're experiencing a moment of tranquility, a sip of peace, and a taste of citrusy delight.

By substituting our Buzz drops for tequila, you ensure an extra kick of chill vibes and mellow euphoria to your Paloma experience. The cannabis complements the grapefruit's natural tranquility, enhancing that sense of relaxation while complementing the bright citrus flavors. 

To cut grapefruit for a cocktail garnish, start by slicing the fruit into wedges or half-moons. For wedges, slice the grapefruit crosswise into rounds, then cut each round into halves or quarters, depending on your preference. Half-moons are achieved by slicing the grapefruit into rounds and then cutting them in half, creating a crescent shape. 

Run one of these slices along the rim of your highball glass for that extra grapefruit fragrance, and you've got a garnish that not only looks enticing but also infuses your favorite cocktail with a citrusy aroma that'll make your taste buds sing.

Crafting your own cannabis drinks is both fun and feasible. Whether you're looking to infuse a CBD seltzer or create a cannabis tea, it's a matter of time and creativity. Add a touch of THC to your favorite beverage or elevate popular cocktails like Mojito, Paloma, Margarita, and others. 

You can also experiment with different dosage options, flavors, and ingredients to tailor your cannabis drinks to your liking. Just remember to do it responsibly, following legal regulations and guidelines, and always keeping your own and others' safety in mind.

Two powerhouse cannabis players are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC is the primary psychoactive compound responsible for the euphoric “high” associated with cannabis. It can also offer various therapeutic benefits. 

On the other hand, CBD, while non-psychoactive, boasts an array of potential health benefits, from relaxation to pain relief. Together, they create a dynamic duo, each with its own unique effects and contributions to the wide world of cannabis.

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Babson, K. A., Sottile, J. E., & Morabito, D. M. (2017, March 27). Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep: a Review of the Literature. Current Psychiatry Reports; Springer Science+Business Media.

Preet, A., Ganju, R. K., & Groopman, J. E. (2007, July 9). Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol inhibits epithelial growth factor-induced lung cancer cell migration in vitro as well as its growth and metastasis in vivo. Oncogene; Nature Portfolio.

Calabrese, E. J., & Rubio‐Casillas, A. (2018, April 2). Biphasic effects of THC in memory and cognition. European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 48(5).

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