Why You Should Only Eat Vegan CBD Gummies [2021]

Let’s get right to it and answer the question as to why you should only eat natural ingredient filled vegan CBD gummies.

CBD is everywhere we look nowadays, so it may be hard sorting through all of the brands.  Early market movers flooded the scene with tinctures (also known as droppers) which are proven to be an effective and fast acting way of obtaining your daily CBD dose.  However, the action of drawing a tincture and placing it under your tongue, especially while in public, is not for everyone and not always ideal.  And don’t get me started on the taste, yuck!  

Not only are tinctures typically bitter and earthy tasting, but they are certainly way overpriced.  So let’s get to talking about fruit filled vegan gummies.   

Vegan gummies are the more discrete and tastier way of getting your daily dose.  They also can be packed with organically grown functional ingredients.  High quality CBD oil can be infused into gummies which are typically packed with 5mg, 10mg or 25mg of CBD per dose.  These fruit flavored bite sized gummies have become a fan favorite amongst those looking for a tastier more discrete CBD confection.

Say no to high fructose corn-syrup and gelatin

However, in the mad rush to get flavorful gummies out to market, many companies failed to focus on the ingredients.  Just because it's a gummy, does not mean it needs to contain high fructose corn syrup, gelatin, or other poorly chosen ingredients that should never be paired with CBD.  

Say yes to CBD Infused Vegan Gummies

Say hello to our CBD vegan gummies, made with sugar, tapioca syrup, water, pectin blend, all natural flavoring and coloring, citric acid, and activated isolate hemp oil extracted from the aerial parts of the plant.  These gummies come in a number of tropical flavors including dragon fruit, mango, green apple, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, and watermelon (our favorite flavor of them all).

What vegan gummies should I try?

All our products are vegan so we have made it quite easy for you.  A great product to start out with are our citrus lime anytime gummies for several reasons.  

First, they are filled with natural ingredients and vegan friendly.  

Second, they are made with broad spectrum hemp extract which means that each gummy contains 0.0% THC per our third-party lab results.  

Third, they come in real bursting citrus lime flavor guaranteed to satisfy all taste buds.

Fourth, they aren't overpriced like our competitors (just look at the countless companies charging over a hundred dollars for a small dropper).  Fun fact, a dropper is much cheaper to make than gummies, so stop overpaying.

What other Vegan CBD Products are there?

Tinctures are often vegan, but as explained earlier these are old news.  Companies only making tinctures have failed to evolve and offer more enjoyable experiences such as vegan CBD gummies.   As the CBD industry continues to expand, more and more CBD products will be available to consumers.  I mean if fast food chains are doing it such as Burger King's Impossible Burger, then I am sure CBD companies will also find creative and innovative vegan CBD solutions to offer to their customers.

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