Welcome to nama, the creator of BUZZ DROPS


Hi there!  

My name's Chris and I am the founder of nama. Since reading a founder's story can be boring, here's my high level journey to what got me to making Buzz Drops and how you can get your hands on some!

2008:  I first began making cannabis and hemp edibles

2013: Diagnosed with cancer leading me to become obsessed with health and the powers of hemp/cannabis

2018:  I first began experimenting with infusing cannabis cocktails

2021:  I launched my edibles brand, nama!

2022:  I launched Buzz Drops to allow any adult to seamlessly add water soluble THC to any beverage!

  • We went viral on TikTok!
  • We sold out and our manaufactuerer shut down production :(
  • We began working with a new manufactuerer and hope to announce our new drink product by 12/15/22!

Still looking for an alcohol replacement?

Before my passion for cannabis expanded to include cannabis cocktails, I spent my time formulating different kinds of edibles designed to mirror the effects of alcohol ... but without the negatives, you know the hangover, calories, dehydration (okay, you get it). Oh and since they are hemp derived (hemp = federally legal cannabis), we can ship them nationwide.

Here's a family picture of our selection all lined up neatly on a shelf

Here's how they compare to a good ole alcoholic beverage!

Oh, but before you take a look - we offer a sampler which allows you to try them all (also, be sure to use the discount code TIKTOK for 20% off your order and free shipping!)

Sold out

1 Gummy = 3 glasses of wine

Sold out

1 Gummy = a night cap

Sold out

1 Gummy = an espresso martini

Sold out

1 Gummy = 3 of your favorite cocktails

Sold out

1 Gummy = a night out with your best friend

Sold out

1 Gummy = happy hour

Sold out

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