CBD and THC Information

Microdosing Cannabis for Testicular Cancer
Sep 19, 2023
Low doses of cannabis may help combat testicular cancer. Find out more about the anti-cancer properties of THC and CBD.
Microdosing Cannabis Edibles for Alzheimer's
Sep 18, 2023
Low-dose edibles allow Alzheimer's patients to harness their therapeutic potential while avoiding impairment. Learn how THC and CBD help slow progression.
Is 20 mg of Melatonin Too Much?
Sep 14, 2023
20 mg of melatonin per night is not advised. A little of this sleep hormone goes a long way. 
What Are the Best Edibles for Sciatica Pain?
Sep 14, 2023
Looking for an all-natural way to manage sciatica flare-ups and sleepless nights? Check out our picks for the most potent CBD and THC edibles for pain
Is 25 Mg of Delta 9 THC a Lot?
Sep 12, 2023
As little as 5 mg of THC is enough to feel a slight euphoria, so taking 25 mg could be a lot for those who want to experience the benefits without feeling stoned. 
Six Tips for Storing Edibles Properly
Sep 11, 2023
When stored properly, high-quality edibles can last up to two years, depending on how you preserve them. Here are six tips for storing edibles properly.
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