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nama is an industry leader, bringing quality and transparency to an industry that is sometimes misunderstood. Our team has obsessively researched and refined our limited and select product offerings to ensure our customers are satisfied in every way.

We're different

With CBD brands popping up everywhere we turn, our team's focus on ensuring our customers receive a quality product is more important than ever. nama's research and development team comes with many years of industry experience which has played a key role in ensuring our best-in-class CBD products.

We fight the good fight

Beyond offering delicious and effective vegan hemp products, nama has set out to donate monthly to pediatric cancer organizations. Having kicked cancers a$$ while a college student, our Founder Chris has sought out to make a monthly contribution to help the fight against cancer in the lab, in the hospital room, and in the daily lives of those impacted by cancer's devastating consequences.

Questions? We have answers.

Getting Started

It's simple. Just shoot an email to letting us know you're interested with "affiliate" as the subject and we will be in touch. Once approved, we will provide you with a whole run down on getting the right links and creatives for your website or other marketing platform. With each customer that makes a purchase, you get paid! Payouts are made regularly and there is no limit on commissions!

Tracking Referrals

We use an affiliate platform that handles this all. It will accurately track all of your performance, earnings, payments, etc. Once your account is made (again, 100% free) you'll be able to check these simply by logging in.

Sampling Products

Just give us a shout at Once you have signed up, we will review your application and determine whether you're eligible for some free products.  


Lab Tested

100% USA Hemp

Made with Real Fruit

Gluten Free